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Let’s Have A Catch up, Shall We?

It feels like it’s been a hot MINUTE since I actually wrote a blog post and got it out there. Truth is life has gotten…

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Fast Fashion And Ways We Can All Shop A Bit More Sustainable!

Ok so I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago all about how I felt I was becoming a shopaholic, the effects it…

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Hi! I’m Abi, And I’m A Shopaholic

In my post talking about saving money, I touched on how I feel like I’ve become a shopaholic. And since reading the book recently –…

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Why Sundresses Are Back In My Wardrobe This Summer!

Although my legs are pale as Casper the ghost, I still want to enjoy a good dress in the summer, whether that be by itself…

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5 Money Saving Tips From An Apprentice

I’m pretty sure I’ve harped on AND ON about how I’m apprentice to everyone and their dog. To be honest it has been a FAB…

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5 Tips To Clothes Shopping Online For The Average User

Here are some really useful tips for clothes shopping online!

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