The Jeans And A Nice Top Combo You Need In Your Wardrobe

Going out with the girls? Not sure what to wear? Pop on some jeans and a cute top. Date night: whack on some cute jeans…

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Mom Jeans – The Only Jeans Worth Wearing

It’s true! It’s all about mom jeans for me now. If you read my blog post a little while ago, I basically broke up with…

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3 Small Steps I’m Taking To Stop Getting So Stressed Out Over Instagram

There’s been a wave of negativity over the past couple of weeks about Instagram. I say weeks but I think I’ve heard people talking about…

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Let’s Have A Catch up, Shall We?

It feels like it’s been a hot MINUTE since I actually wrote a blog post and got it out there. Truth is life has gotten…

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Fast Fashion And Ways We Can All Shop A Bit More Sustainable!

Ok so I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago all about how I felt I was becoming a shopaholic, the effects it…

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Hi! I’m Abi, And I’m A Shopaholic

In my post talking about saving money, I touched on how I feel like I’ve become a shopaholic. And since reading the book recently –…

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