About Abisblog

Hi, I’m Abi!

I live in Suffolk, and 2 years ago I was really stuck in a rut with what I wanted to do with my life. This got deep real quick I know. But I was working at a supermarket which I didn’t feel like I wanted/could progress in, and didn’t really have any hobbies unless you count binging Netflix and playing Sims.

My boyfriend Guy (the guy all my photos) suggested whilst we were on holiday getting sad, that I should maybe start a blog to take my mind off things and give me something to focus on.

Two years later I’ve changed my job and work in a doggy day care as an apprentice (I KNOW SICK RIGHT?) and I have my own little space on the web where I can write about whatever the hell I like.

So what do I blog about?

I post about all things midsize fashion, lifestyle – who knows I might even throw the odd travel or food blog post!

Want to work with me?

If you feel like your brand would fit well with Abisblog then please do get in touch with me through any of these:

Email: abinunn@outlook.com

Twitter: @Abisblog

Instagram: @Abisblog

I accept products for review, or sponsored posts. Fees will depend on the nature of what is required the time frame I am given to produce content, of course we can discuss this if you have any queries.

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