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Lottie’s Waffles | Review

I have been going on AND ONN about going to Lottie’s Waffles for what seems like decades. Seriously. As soon as it opened back in October I have been meaning to go, and FINALLY I went with Guy a few weekends ago and ohhhh it was SOOooOO…

My First Year Of Blogging | The Good

I feel like the positives about having my own blog will ALWAYS outweigh the negative parts. The fact that I actually have my own little spot on the web is such a wonderful feeling. www.abisblog.com is mine bitches. ALLLLL MINE…

My First Year Of Blogging | The Bad

I feel like last year I put a lot more effort into it, and I have learnt so much when it comes to this blogging thannnng. Both good and bad. In this post I’m going to share the bad things, for me, about blogging. And for those of you who think “why don’t you just stop thennnn?” read my other post too babes.

The Plan For My Blog This Year

2019 seems to be off to a fab start for me motivation-wise at the moment. I have some small goals/plans for my blog which I would love to do this year.

What I Bought Online On The Boxing Day Sales!

The houndstooth coat I managed to cop for £20 in the boxing day sales!

My 2018 Roundup!

What a year it’s been, sorry to be one of those people but how bloody quick has it gone?! I feel like I’ve blinked and the years just gone!

My Plan For Christmas

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! ITS CHRISTMAS EEEEEEVE! WHAT. THE. HELL. I am soooo excited! What’s everyone’s plans this evening? I tell you what it’s been a…