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The Wishlist

Why Do We Feel Like We Need To Rush Through Life?

“Corrr that’s a bit deep Ab”. Yeah I know, and its in bold and capitals. But stick with me for a sec. Do you ever just constantly wish for things to happen, and then when they do you start wishing or waiting for the next “big” thing/milestone to check off.

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♥ Happy Valentines Dayyy! ♥

Happy Valentines Day guys and gals! What are you up to this year for V Day? Are you spending time with your other half, your…

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Why Slogan Tee’s Will ALWAYS Be A Win

To me honestly it’s something so easy to pair with ANYTHING in the spring/summer. LITERALLY. Pair of jeans and a slogan tee. A midi skirt and a slogan tee. Culottes?? Pair it with a sLoGaN t-ShIrT!

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5 Things I Learnt Whilst Working In Retail

I’ve been working in retail since I was 16. I learnt a few things which I feel like you would also relate to if you also work in retail or have done in the past!

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Lottie’s Waffles | Review

I have been going on AND ONN about going to Lottie’s Waffles for what seems like decades. Seriously. As soon as it opened back in October I have been meaning to go, and FINALLY I went with Guy a few weekends ago and ohhhh it was SOOooOO…

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My First Year Of Blogging | The Good

I feel like the positives about having my own blog will ALWAYS outweigh the negative parts. The fact that I actually have my own little spot on the web is such a wonderful feeling. www.abisblog.com is mine bitches. ALLLLL MINE…

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