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The Wishlist

Putting Up The Christmas Tree!

So this was going to be my blog post about going Christmas tree picking with the family, however around mid November I came home from…

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3 | How To Deal With THAT Christmas Stress

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year, but it can also be bloody stressful! Trying to figure out that PERFECT gift to buy friends…

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Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market.

Elllooooooo! I think you could hazard a guess as to why there’s a number 1 next to this post. I’m doing a blog post a…

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What Blogging Has Done To My Confidence.

first let’s throw it back to my first full body photo back in January, I couldn’t really get away with showing off a coat that I really loved via a flatlay much to my disappointment and so me and Guy went up the field near my house and got some photos of me in my new coat.

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October Favourites!

From jumpers and pumpkin picking, I wrote a post up all on my favourite parts of October!

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The Earrings I Need To Wear More!

Over the course of this year I have slowly become more and more interested in earrings. It’s weird to think literally a few years ago I couldn’t think of anything worse than hooped earrings, nowadays this is literally all i wear in my ears, which has left quite a few of my other earrings (i still love ofc) left in my draws untouched for a while

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