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The Wishlist

Entertaining The Transitional Weather!

It’s that time of year again my friends! Where you wake up and it’s freezing cold and you think it’s definitely gonna be a jumper kinda day, then it strikes lunch time and the sun comes out and you’re slowly melting into the floor!

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My Current Love List | PJ Edition!

Yep you read it right! This love list is all PJ’s, well ASOS PJ’s.

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Let’s talk about university…

I thought now would be the best time to put a post up like this in case any of you guys are thinking “WTF do I do with my life” after you’re done with school. Maybe you’re thinking about uni, maybe uni’s the last thing on your mind, but hopefully this post will make you chill out a smidge more than you were, because throwback to a year or so ago I was in the same boat as you reading this.

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The Stripy Top!

I popped into Newlook a while ago and found this FABBB stripy number and obviously had to share it!

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Zoella Beauty | Splash Botanics Review

I tried out the new Splash Botanics range from Zoella Beauty and ofc I had to write a review on it!

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The Body Shop | British Rose

I am now obsessed with another Body Shop scent! Oops! The British Rose scent is to DIIIIE FORRR!

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