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10 Things I Love About Autumn!

Hello loves! I don’t know what it is but I’m so happy about this time of year, and decided what better way to express my love about this season than through a blog post listing what I love about Autumn!

  • Ok, so the obvious one! Picking Pumpkins! This has become my new favourite thing! I hadn’t ever visited a pumpkin patch until this month. Yes I have lived for 20 years and not “lived”. I loved every moment of it, and feel v autumnal after it!

  • Getting the autumn theme – this is another new fave for this year. I didn’t have a blogging Instagram account last year so this is my first year doing it! I’m so happy I feel like I’m finally getting there and found the theme! Only took me a bloody month!

  • A cliche – the leaves falling – I love it when its all crispy and the leaves change colour, however I really don’t like having to find my dogs’ poop amongst them. Sorry if TMI.

  • Decorating room – I feel like this year particularly I’ve just made more effort, despite being on a significantly less income! I know it’s October a.k.a. the end of the year but its all so much more fun getting some candles, GETTING SOME PUMPKINS… I actually got bored one evening and attempted some calligraphy which I then thought was cool enough to put on my wall! I then had the idea to maybe make my wall a theme every month, so this month I’ll have “October” in calligraphy writing and then trace some cool art, or print it off and have like a theme wall?

  • Changing from summer to winter clothes – jumpers! I was sooo excited to whip out my jumpers and invest in new ones this year! Can’t resist a chunky knit! I must say to Primark are KILLING it this year for jumpers!

  • Cold evenings at home – getting cosy with a film and hot chocolate. And then when it gets closer towards Christmas (can I say that yet or are an angry mob going to come and attack me?) putting on Home Alone or Elf…

  • THE FIREWORKS – OMG I love the displays!

  • Mine and Guy’s anniversary – had to add a bit of cheese! (not literal cheese) but this year me and Guy have been together for FOUR years. What. Even.

  • Contemplating and maybe beginning Christmas shopping… Because it’s gonna be HELLA interesting to see how I do on such a restricted budget this year. I have high hopes!

  • On the subject of Christmas… I cant wait for the Christmas lights turning on in Bury! I can finally go this year! I haven’t been for ages because I’ve been working whenever it seems to be on! But I want to make a point of going and doing some late night shopping!

What are your fave things about Autumn?!


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