10 Things I Love About Spring!

Back in October I did a post about what I love about autumn, and it was quite popular! So I thought I’d do a Spring version because there are quite a lot of things I love about this time of year! So here is my 10 Things I Love About Spring!

Spring has sprung. Well. Sort of. The weather has been a bit shoddy so I haven’t really been out enjoying the sunshine as much as I love to. This leads me perfectly on to my first point!

Close up of girl brushing hair out the way. Wearing white milk maid style top from Primark.
Full length shot of gir, wearing white milk maid style top from Primark, blue jeans, white trainers and a straw bag.

Warmer Weather

An obvious point for why I love Spring, God am I ready for some warmer right weather now! I’m SOOooOO tired of living inside and wearing coats and jumpers!

The Lighter Nights

As soon as it hits January I look forward to the lighter nights! It’s so SO nice to come home from work and it’s still a little bit light outside, unlike in the winter where you get up in the dark and go home in the dark and it all gets a bit dreary! Having lighter nights and sometimes warmer nights really makes me want to get out more and enjoy being outside. I sound like a right sado but hermit Abi comes out of her Sims and Netflix cave and actually gets outside. Its great.

Getting Outside

This is very similar to what I touched on previously, but getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather by walking the dogs ( because not going to lie I’d rather cuddle up with them inside where it’s warm when it’s cold outside) and a picnic or something is so much fun and gets me out of my lair.

Wearing Less Layers

I got SO bored with my jumper collection recently and actually tossed a load away because they brought me 0 joy. I just wore them to death! What else do you wear in the winter on your top half apart from jumpers?

Spring time is so much more interesting clothing-wise! Jumpsuits, playsuits, dresses, skirts, CULOTTES… SHORTS! The list is never ending. I did a cheeky Nasty Gal order a few days ago and bought a dress, skirt and bag and honestly it made me really excited for Spring/Summer weather! Unfortunately the weather has been shite, so I can’t show you them – but they will be getting plenty of wear over on my insta once the sun starts shining so watch out!

Bringing Out Those Bright Colours

Again, if you’ve seen my Instagram you can definitely see that I have brought out my bright colours for Spring! I’m LOVING the bright colours at the moment, and these trousers I’m wearing below are from Primark -obviously, I mean where else do I shop? – and they were only £13! I grabbed them whilst I was in Stratford with Guy, and the first thing I said when I was in there to him was “I don’t need anymore trousers” because I must have a pair in every colour… What did I buy?! MORE. BLOODY. TROUSERS. But I don’t care because they are my new babies and I will be wearing them to death this Spring!

Close up of girl brushing hair out the way looking off to the right. Wearing white milk maid style top from Primark.
Close up of girl sat on the grass in front of a field. Wearing white milk maid style top from Primark.

Flowers, Flowers And More Flowers!

As soon as the shops start stocking daffodils (asparagus) mum is ON it and constantly stocking the house up with them. The pop of yellow is lovely to see and dare I say it – it actually brightens my mood a bit seeing them. Maybe it’s because I know Spring is upon us and I know it’s going to start getting warmer? Tulips are another fave for this time of year, or any time of year. I think they might be my favourite flower if I had to have one because they are so bright and colourful.

And Blossom!

During Spring I love seeing lots and LOTS of blossom! Fun fact! Getting the photos on this post was quite hilarious because we FINALLY found a blossom tree after driving around for what seemed like hours. I was underneath it and Guy was trying to shake the tree AND take photos. So he’d come over and shake the tree and then run to the exact spot he needed to be in and took about 100 photos. THIS is a dedicated bf my friends!

Spring Cleaning

I know what you’re going to say. Why the hell is spring cleaning in one of my points I love about Spring? BECAUSE… Ok yeah, it’s great to just clean out my room at any time of year, but it gives me the perfect excuse to go through my wardrobe and purge my clothes that I didn’t wear throughout winter and look at my clothing for summer and give it a sort through. I currently have about three piles of clothes that I decided I needed to get rid of, and I’m so glad I’ve done it because my wardrobe was bursting at the seams. One of my draws have actually died because of the huge collection of t-shirts I have, so believe me I think it thanked me for getting rid of some bits. (Although I will inevitably buy more clothes and refill it)

Easter… Duh!

Need I say more?! Really?

Full length shot of girl swinging bag side to side in front of a field with yellow flowers
Close up of girl sat on the grass in front of a field smiling. Wearing white milk maid style top from Primark.

It’s Ma Birthday!

Well, it will be! May 21st I am turningggg 21! Isn’t that supposed to be a “big” birthday? But what does one even do for their 21st? It’s not like your 17th or 18th where you can learn to drive or legally drink alcohol.

What do you love about Spring?! Chuck it down in the comments!

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  1. 23/04/2019 / 22:42

    loved this post Abi! So cute!! I love spring so much, the warming weather totally boosts my mood 🙂

    • abinunn
      28/04/2019 / 20:03

      Aw thank you Raquel! I can’t wait for the warmer evenings, it just makes me want to get outside more! x

  2. 29/05/2019 / 20:31

    So a lovely post!
    Spring just is a breath of fresh air. We’re so close to that warmer weather.
    I love your photos in this, so god damn cute.

    • abinunn
      02/06/2019 / 10:47

      Isn’t itttt?! Aw thank you Luke that’s so lovely of you to say!

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