12 Things I Love About Christmas Time!

I hope you’re enjoying blogmas so far! I’ve really loved making all these posts, it’s made me seriously festive! As this time of year is a fave of mine, I thought I’d no another post like my autumn post a little while ago, but this time 12 things i love about Christmas!

  • The food – obviously. Although I’ll end up putting on a stone or more over this month or two (no ragretzzz) I certainly won’t feel guilty about it! I will be shoving turkey, Heroes, Pringles and Yorkshire puds down my neck like no tomorrow!

  • The Christmas dinner! Can this be another point? Idc i’m making it another one. This year is going to be a bit different, mum has to work for a few hours this year (she’s normally the boss and Christmas dinner maker) and has suggested that me, dad and my sister Meg cook it!?! I mean challenge accepted but I take 0 responsibility for the turkey! I absolutely LOVVVVVE Christmas dinner. It’s like no other dinner. it kicks the mighty Sunday roasts to the curb. I love the crackers and crappy hats that never fit on my head bc my heads clearly the size of a beach ball! The toy you get with it is always our entertainment for like five minutes, the flappy fortune fish you put in your hand usually tells us we’re all fickle af before we inhale our meal!

  • The company! This year is a little different as well in terms of company! On Christmas day all four of us will be spending time together for the majority of the day, hopefully in our matching pj’s if I can find any! I’ll be seeing Guy at some point in the day to do our gift exchanging and I’ll actually go round his rather than it being the other way round like it has been for the past four years! I’ll see other family members around the Christmas period, but my Nan and Grandad on my Mum’s side always have a big ol’ family gathering on Boxing day where we’ll all see each other which is so much fun!

  • The games! Christmas seems to be the only real time of year my family will play games like Monopoly!

  • The gift giving! Idk if i’ve mentioned it on my blog but I reallllllly like giving gifts! I love it when I know what I want to get people and what they like, then seeing them open it on the day! It’s so exciting and I really love seeing their face and then seeing them using/wearing it!

  • The gift buying and wrapping! I’m quite a big online shopper, so it’s really exciting to see them show up and then wrap them up! It’s the only time when I like to be a little bit creative and get that stringy stuff to pop around the present!

  • The tree picking and decorating! We have got a real Christmas tree for quite a few years now! We go to “ “ to get our tree and it’s a proper family thing. All four of us have to go to get one tree and it’s SOOOO much fun! Then trying to get it to fit in the car, get it home and decorate it! I can smell it already!

  • The tacky Christmas jumpers!

  • The Christmas movies! Home Alone & Elf are top faves!

  • Christmas marketsssss! Our town is heaaaaving when the Christmas market comes, but we always walk in to town and wander round the stalls. Maybe grab some food whilst were there!

  • Seeing the dog’s open the presents we get them! So ever year we get a cheap squeaky toy that will last two minutes tops, wrap it up and give it to them to unwrap themselves! Honestly it is the cutest thing to see and I love watching them try to figure out how it works!

  • The weather! It’s just something about it being cold outside and going out for chilly walks when the leaves are all crunchy and the grass is all frosted, then coming back home with a hot chocolate and curling up on the sofa to watch a Christmas film that is just a bit of me!

What do you guys love about Christmas?!


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