My September Beauty Faves

I feel like I've just blinked and its suddenly October! OCTOBER! 2017 is nearly over people! I don't know if its just me, but this year in particular has honestly gone so quickly for me. The years before used to go pretty slow(?) whilst I was in school and sixth form. This is probably because I would count down the days/weeks until half term! I feel like now I'm working, most weeks seem to fly past at once, and now ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS. I am so ready for this time of year, I didn't think I would be SO excited to finally bring out my jumpers again, but here I am, getting excited for Christmas perhaps way too early!

I have been adding to my jumper collection recently, as well as getting rid of ones from previous years that I know I won't wear, despite how much I tell myself I will! Now, I have been particularly drawn to this longline jumper from Newlook for a while, and they have this jumper in a GAZILLION different colours, and for only £9.99, so you can't go wrong at all!  I brought one or two last year and I absolutely loved them! It's my dream come true tbh! So this year I brought a few more, I mean it would have been rude not to bag myself a few of the different colours they had this year... So I decided on a few more vibrant and lighter colours because I found that last year I picked out dark purple, blacks and khaki jumpers. I eventually got so bored wearing the same colours and felt quite bored wearing them towards the end of winter...  So this time I have got a TON of colour with reds, light pink and a mustard. This brings my total for this particular jumper up to 5... I can tell these are going to be my 'go to', throw it over on a colder day with some culottes, mom jeans or even if I want to slob about with leggings on underneath, as its longline you can do pretty much whatever with it!


My next fav this month you would have seen from my previous post. Zoella's 'Shower Shake' I have absolutely LOVED since I bought it. If I want a little bit of pampering or a treat whilst I'm in the shower or the bath I use this, and OHMYGOD, it's soooooo lovely and makes my skin feel squeaky clean! This product also smells bloody gorgeous, and I've noticed after a while I can still notice the scent on me! Which is another reason why I've used this the most! Definitely going to need to top up on this soon!


My third favourite is another I have mentioned previously! Its from Lush, and its the Jasmine and Henna Fluff and Ease hair treatment. I have used this a few times and have found that this works pretty damn well! When I have the time and remember I make sure to smother this into my hair, especially my ends, and it feels SO much better! After only a few uses I've noticed a big difference in my hair, and the scent remains on my hair after another wash without the product! So its quite strong!


Boux Avenue's 'Black Rose Orchid Musk' body mist is up next! First, can we all just take some time to appreciate the packaging? I LOVE IT! The bow, the lacey effect on the bottle, the smell... THE SMELLLLL! It's kind of musky, and kind of just amazing... I've been spraying this on me like no tomorrow. I'm obsessed with Boux Avenue, from their underwear, their Pj's... to their spritzes... Bloody love 'em!

Last, but no means least! I thought I'd chuck my trusty Maybelline 'Lash Sensational' mascara into the mix for you! I've had this for a long 'ol time now, and its my absolute fave when it comes to mascaras! I've tried quite a few different mascaras in my time, all in a different price range because sometimes I couldn't afford anything too fancy, so from a £3 to a £10 mascara, I've found the perfect one for me! I don't layer my mascara too much, just one or two coats does me perfect with this one! And it doesn't break the bank either which is another bonus!