I Bought Some Zoella Products!!

Now... I do watch Zoella on YouTube and follow her on most social media. So after watching one of her latest videos about releasing MORE new products I couldn't help myself. I had heard great reviews from others online about her products, but I hadn't ever gone and brought any myself. However after her video I just (somehow) stumbled across her products on Superdrug and might have (somehow) taken advantage of the 3 for 2 on her range... My sister might have got involved too...

After waiting an ENTIRE day I collected my order from Superdrug and tore open the box... I was not disappointed!

The first item was the 'Good Things Comes In Threes' fragrances (£14.00). I purchased these just as I was curious to see what they smelt like and... OH. MY. GOSH. That's all I need to say! They are the cutest little size! And they just smell AMAZINNGGG! I wasn't really sure what to expect 'size-wise' as I hadn't seen them in real life, but they are perfect bottles to have in your bag to freshen up throughout the day. I've noticed as well that you can smell them for quite a while after you've sprayed. My favourite fragrance by far is the 'Lets Spritz'. The smell outweighs all the others for me personally, its just a lovely, kinda florally scent. As soon as I got a whiff of this one I knew the others couldn't have out-done it! However the 'Blissful Mistful' would come a close second... Again the smell is just gorgeous, plus the rose gold top makes me very happy...

The next product was from Zoe's/ Zoella's new Lifestyle range. The 'Blooming Marvellous' pot (£6.00). I had been trying to find something to put my makeup brushes and bits in. They had been annoying me to the high heavens in my little organiser because they would fall down the back of my desk whilst I would be trying to get ready for work, so this pot is perfect for me. The pastel pink and polka dots go with my room colours which are grey and minty green, so this pot fit just right. I don't have too many brushes to put in it, so I've popped a few pens in there too... Just pray that I don't use a pen for my make up one morning! Overall I think this pot is fab for popping little bits in, or even putting in a little plant for your room.

The last product on my list was from Zoe's new range too... The 'Stay on Top of Your World Book' (£12.00). When I saw this organiser I knew I HAD to have it simply because I am the most un-organised and forgetful person ever. I'm hoping that by buying this book it makes me inspired to be more organised? And maybe it will make me write things down so I don't forget what I'm working on etc... We'll see. Again the colours are beautiful, and there's plenty of sticky notes and pages to plan your working week.

The next product is one of my sisters purchases. The 'Catching Trinkets Jewellery Tray' (£12.00). This is so cute, and such a great size for chucking your jewellery of an evening on to. I was actually really surprised how big it actually was... HAH. I think I could have easily added this to my basket as well, however then I would just HAVE to take advantage of the 3 for 2 again, and I don't think my bank account would have been very happy about that. 

Finally. Last but certainly not least! The final product from my sisters order is from Zoe's 'Jelly and Gelato' range. The 'Body Pudding' (£8.00). I absolutely LOVE the packaging of this product, and actually the whole range is brilliant. It just reminds me of summer and the scent of this makes me excited to smell the other products in this range. The pale shades are lovely and just look good! Of course, I HAD to try some and see what I thought, and honestly? I think this pot is VERY good value for money. You do not have to put much on your hands to cover yourself and to get a good coverage. As well as this I didn't feel like I had it on my legs afterwards? If that makes any sense... ? It just made my legs feel a lot smoother and smell INcredible. There's pink little balls as if it were a body scrub which baffled me briefly for a second. But they seem to just disappear as you're applying the product. So again this product just smells GLORIOUS. Very excited to smell more from this range!



Overall I think these new products Zoe has released are absolutely fab! I will be ordering more of the 'Lets Spritz' fragrance once I've run out, without a doubt! I might try more of her products from her Jelly and Gelato range and write another blog post on them. Let me know what you think below in the comments? Also if you have any of these products feel free to mention what you think of the products too down below, as I'm very interested to see what everyone else thought about them. 

If you have any of Zoe's new products from her new Lifestyle range that I haven't mentioned let me know what you think! As I am definitely contemplating buying more.. Especially those pillows...

All prices and products shown above are from Superdrug. :)

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