4 Places In The UK To Visit!

I thought this week I would share a little about areas I would like to travel to, however I couldn't fit alllll the places I want to go to on to one blog post, because if I did it would take YEEEARS to get through, so instead of boring you to death, I thought it would be best for everyone to split it up into two, more manageable ones! In this post I'm going to be sharing with you where I'd love to go in the UK, and why, so prepare for some MAJOR rambling by me!


So, at the very top of my extreeeemely long list is... *drum role*... Edinburgh! I haven't been very far up the country in my nineteen years of existence (as far as I'm aware) and Edinburgh looks and sounds SO exciting from the photos I've seen. I feel like its THE city to go to at the moment! I'd love to explore the city and see what local food it has to offer, maybe check out any festivals if they have any on during the year. Of course I'd go for a cheeky shopping trip too... This city looks like a wonderful dream, I could just see myself sitting in a small café or something and gazing out over the gorgeous hills, old buildings and castles all day. I'd love to travel up there towards the autumn/winter time as I can imagine it looks glorious in the evening. What's even better is that I could probably get a cheap flight up there for about £30. This will definitely be somewhere I plan to go later on this year!

Once I have been up and visited Edinburgh I'd like to take another trip up even further afield maybe, and see what else Scotland has to offer!


My next two destinations are more of a walking and view appreciating place. I would like to go back to the Lake District or the Peak District. I have been to the Lake District once before on a school trip and I really enjoyed it. Learning the history of Beatrix Potter, as well as being educated by the National Trust about the area whilst we were there about how they are aiming to create more sustainable tourism in the Lake District for families to come visit and enjoy themselves for generations. Walking around the lakes was so peaceful and lovely, the local people are very friendly and keen to give recommendations. I'd really love to go back and see more of the lakes, or maybe try the Peak District instead. the landscapes look equally as stunning to lose yourself in.


Way up high to way down low, another destination I'm keen to go back to is Cornwall. I went a year or two ago during the summer time for a week which is the PERFECT time to go and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I know it's pretty impossible to pin point when our summer is going to begin and end in the UK, but our trip was perfectly timed, mainly sun with just a few days of rain. We explored the little caves and chilled on the beach in Newquay and HAD to try a delicious Cornish pasty! We took a drive to Padstow and admired the boats coming and out, and of course visited Lands End which had the best views of the coast! Even if it was pouring down with rain that day... I would still love to return one day, and check out even more areas down in Cornwall!


Brighton is another fave which I'd LOOOOVE to return back to. I've been down briefly for a few days before for family events, and we had some free time to go around and walk up the pier to see the attractions. We took a drive along to Eastbourne one day, and visited 'Beachy Head' which was quite unsettling, however the cliffs were absolutely HUUUUGE. I'm very eager to return to check out more areas in Brighton like the little unique shops and cafes. I think this would be more of a shopping kind of trip maybe next summer, maybe taking an afternoon or evening to walk along the pier by the beach with an ice cream.

That's the end of my UK list of places I want to go to! Stay tuned for another instalment which will cover countries I want to go to!

TravelAbi Nunn