4 Places I Want To Visit!

One thing I definitely want to do more of in life is travel. Exploring different countries I've never been to before sounds so exciting to me! Trying out the local foods and talking to different people, learning about their background and culture is really intriguing. I really wish I could have the time to explore all these wonderful countries I'm going to be talking about, and the money! A magic bank account which never descends would be v handy! Hopefully at some point in the future I'll be able to visit them!


My first destination is Amsterdam! Yup... Amsterdam! So many people have said how fab Amsterdam is, and I feel like its THE place to go! The entire place looks SO picturesque, I'd love to take a long walk or bike around the city, maybe even try out the local trams or take a bus tour around to explore what the city has to offer. I think it will be absolutely brilliant to go with some friends or family for a long weekend or a couple of days, checking out the local scenes... Maybe take a longggg walk through The Nine Streets, where you can eat and drink as much as you please, as well as checking out the independent shops too! Another thing I'd LOVE to explore is Amsterdam's history, like going on the Anne Frank house tour.


America is wayyyyy up high on the ol bucket list of places I would absolutely LOVE to visit! There are sooo many areas in America I want to go to and soooo much I want to do whilst I'm there, I'd be over there forever! I think I'd have to find a package deal, where I can go to these places and visit them all for a few days at a time. New York is OBVIOUSLY on the top of my list, shortly followed by: Florida; Miami; Washington DC; LA and San Francisco! One year when I get the money to afford the flights and all the other bits in between I WILL go!!


My next destination is Italy!  I think this would the perfect summer destination to go to in the peak temperatures! The best time to do some exploring at the Colosseum in Rome, or even taking cheesy photos in front of the Leaning Tower of Piza! I can definitely see myself eating my whole weight in pizza and pasta whilst being there, and I certainly will NOT regret it!!! Whilst that way I'd simply HAVE go to Venice and take a cute long ride along their canals too! It looks like such a gorgeous, picturesque place to go!


I don't want to bore you anymore with too many more places that I want to go to, so this is my last! New Zealand! The landscapes here make it look like an entirely different world! Brilliant beaches that I could see myself strolling along of an evening. I would enjoy hiking or walking up the massive hills and exploring what the country has to offer!

TravelAbi Nunn