A Little Shopping Trip!

Whilst shopping earlier last week with my sister I decided to buy a few more products to try and review on here. Two of these items are from Zoella's new 'Jelly and Gelato' range. I just HAD to give more of her products a go after the gorgeous smelling spritzes! Another item I picked up is from Lush, and I thought I would give one of Tanya Burrs cosmetic products a whirl, so I purchased and tried one of her eye palettes.


The first product is the 'Shower Sauce' (£5.00). This is definitely great value for money, you get a great lather with just a small amount of the product, which is great because this means it will last for a little while unlike some other products you might find... The same brilliant scent seems to carry on throughout her range which is fab, as this means I can cake myself in it and smell of it for a lonnnnnng time! 

The next one, also from Zoe's range is the 'Shower Shake' (£6.00). This item is AH-MA-ZING. If you want to feel squeaky clean and have a bit more of a pamper in the shower after a busy day, this is the ideal product! With the same scent as the previous items, its a lovely more creamy consistency than any old shower gel, which leaves you still smelling and feeling just FAB!

The Tanya Burr Cosmetics eye palette is the following product which I picked up. I'm keen to try further products her range after this palette, which is 'Birthday Suit' (£5.99). I think the packaging firstly is SO CUTE. The rose gold cover and foiled(?) polka dots are so beautiful, its a definite FAVE. You get four different shades inside this palette, you have: Marzipan; Toast; Cocoa Sugar and Soft Truffle. My favourite has to be 'Toast' so far, shortly followed by Marzipan! On the back of the product there's a cheeky little message on how to get the best look out of these four shades. I think you definitely get enough to see the difference. After this product I know I'll definitely go back and try more from her range in the future, her lipsticks might be next!.


My final product from this small shopping sesh is from Lush, and its a hair treatment. My hair is ombre and has been feeling really dry and VERY tangled for a while now and I really wanted to find something to improve it and make it feel a little bit better. This one I've purchased is the 'Jasmine and Henna-Ease' which was £12.95. I was a bit hesitant on this because of the price, and I only really had the word of the assistant who served me, who had used this product before and recommended it. You leave the product in your hair for roughly 15 to 20 minutes and then you rinse it out thoroughly, washing your hair normally with shampoo and conditioner. I have tried this once already, and she was right! I can already feel a difference in my hair. It feels a LOT smoother and healthier, plus it is a lot less tangled! You also have a lasting smell that has actually stayed after another hair wash where I didn't use the product, so I'm definitely recommending this product if you want to try something different in your hair!

Whilst in Lush, you can't not buy a some bath products... It would be rude! So I only bought two. There's the 'Milky Bath' bubble bar (£3.75) which I'm excited to try! Along with this I thought I'd give 'Rocket Science' (£2.95) a shot. I'm yet to try these, they've just been added to my ever growing collection, but they smell and look glorious!!!! LOOK!