My Lush Collection!

I have gathered quite a little collection of Lush products over some time now, and I thought why not show you them! Whenever I go shopping I like to find Lush and have a wander around. I do tend to grab ones that I know I like, as well as new ones I haven't tried before! I cant wait to go to Lush soon and grab their Halloween/Christmas products for this year! Is it bad that I'm getting excited for Christmas already?


The first one I have is 'The Experimenter' (£4.50). I have used this one before and it is pretty impressive seeing all the different colours that come out in the bath, before they merge into one colour towards the end!


I don't actually have the name or price for this product! I know I got it last year for Christmas, but I can't seem to find it on their website anywhere!


This is the 'Milky Bath' (£3.95) which looks so cute, and smells amazing!  I can imagine this making my skin feel really silky smooth after using it.


Again, this one was from a gift set from Christmas, so unfortunately I don't know what this one is called, or how much it is! I think this might just been a bomb which turns your bath THAT kind of yellow... Which is one of the reasons why I haven't used it yet! It smells lovely all the same though...


I THINK this one might be 'Thundersnow' (£4.50). It's the closest I could find on the Lush website! This is when I wish I had kept all the bags they had come in! This would have been A LOT easier!  


This is so cute! The 'Rose Jam' bubbleroon (£4.25) smells and just looks TOO good to use!


Although this is pink... It was originally purple, trust me! Its the 'Karma' bubble bar (£4.75). I might use this one next as its looking a bit sorry for itself! But alllll of them just look too good to use!! Are any of you like this too? I don't want to use them because they look too nice!  


This next product is the 'Lava Lamp'. I couldn't find this one on the UK website, but it is on their US one for some reason... I think this will look absolutely amazing in the bath, just by the look of it! I just have to get over my obsession with keeping them for ages and just bloody USE THEM!


'Brightside' bubble bar (£4.95) Again I feel like this will make my skin feel super soft and moisturised after using this in the bath!


The last one here is 'The Comforter' bubble bar (£4.95)

Recently I purchased the Rocket Science bath bomb (£2.95)... AND OH MY GOD. Its flipping fantastic! for only £2.95 I thought this was incredible! Once all of it had eventually disappeared into the water, the bath was as dark as the intergalactic bath bomb! Sooooo sparkly! Also, there were little spots of red and blue around the water, presumably from the bottom of the rocket in the bath bomb! I will definitely be getting my hands on more of these beauties!!