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My Winter Coat Collection!

It’s that time of the year guys and gals! CHRISSSSTMAS TIIIIIIIME! But ever so softly brushing that subject away (Christmas content will be back shortly!), I thought I’d mention COATS.

Now can I just go on a small rant here, because I bloody hate coats sometimes. Yes they warm you up and my lovely yellow one makes me feel like a warm marshmallow but I consistently find and buy coats where when I wear a jumper underneath them I can’t bloody move, not only that but then you get sweaty af after walking for 2 minutes and end up lumping it around with you the entire time. A mess. A sweaty sweaty mess!

They can be expensive af too, which is why I’ve decided to stick with my guns this year and not bother buying a new coat, despite how many I scroll through on ASOS and save to my wish list. I simply do not need one. She says.


But really, I feel like I have my staple three coats that I need right now! This first one I actually managed to nab in the sale earlier this year in Newlook. It’s from the Cameo Rose section and was like £20(?) Now that my fiends is a bargainnnn thank you very much! It’s my only bold coat I have, but I love it because it livens up a “boring” look and seriously I feel snug af. I mean loooook!



My next one is this black number, also from Newlook! I promise they aren’t all Newlook btw. It’s a last years purchase and came in a bit more pricier than the last one at like £45 with a discount code I think? I really like the zips on the side of the coat by my arms, they were super handy in Edinburgh last year because I had a suuuuper chunky jumper on which gave me really restricted arm space, but I zipped these up all the way and cooled me down whilst giving me a bit more room!

This next one is a classic Primarny number! (Primark for those of you thinking wtf is that) For that weather in the UK where it’s not cold enough for a coat coat, but you can’t just wear a jumper. I absolutely love this jacket. I did forget about it this year but managed to find it under the pile of coats we have downstairs and have re-found my love for it!



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