Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market.

Elllooooooo! I think you could hazard a guess as to why there’s a number 1 next to this post. I’m doing a blog post a day up until Christmas Day. It’s Blogmas! It’s gonna be crazy and stressful but I’m ready for it! And to kick it off I’ve started with Christmas markets! Specifically my Christmas market in Bury St Edmunds.

I went last year with my family on the weekend and it was NUTS! You are literally walking around like you’re in a pack of sardines, it’s mad. It came from the Thursday 22nd until Sunday the 25th this year and I popped over briefly a few times and it was PACKKKKED! Literally to the brim!



Me and my friend Abbie firstly popped into town to begin some Christmas shopping and afterwards decided to head down there and get some crepes. Oh. My. God. It was rammed! We found the closest crepe van, got a nutella crepe which was FAB-UL-OUS! Probably incredibly sickly to some but it was just what I needed! We then decided it would be a good idea to wander around the Abbey Gardens which was covered in market stalls and food vans. It was lovely to see all the different foooods and Chirstmassy bits, but I was definitely glad to get home and chill out afterwards!

On the Sunday evening I was itching to go down in the dark and see it all lit up, so I dragged Guy along and parked up in town. It was brilliant to see the Christmas lights on properly as I hadn’t seen them since they were switched on the week before, it made me so happy and perhaps maybe even a little bit Christmassy?

Anyway we got down to the Angel Hill and they were all packing up to leave! We had a quick walk round and I got some lovely photos of the wheel and carousel they had up still in the dark. We walked past a stall and a woman was packing up her stock and shoved some chocolate covered marshmallows at me, which obviously I quickly grabbed. Thank you very much kind marshmallow lady. I didn’t get the name of the company but they were awesome!

Did you brave any Christmas markets this year?




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