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3 | How To Deal With THAT Christmas Stress

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year, but it can also be bloody stressful! Trying to figure out that PERFECT gift to buy friends and family, where to shop and HOW to shop, it’s all a bit difficult to deal with if you aren’t prepared!

To take the pressure off a bit, start early! I literally started my Christmas presents at the beginning of November because otherwise I get soooo stressed out because I feel like I won’t have enough time or money to buy everyone what I want to. I know they say “it’s not how much you spend” and “it’s the thought that counts!”. But I always want to buy something someone will actually want and like and I end up stressing out over that instead. LOL.

Starting early though definitely makes the money side A LOT easier. Luckily now I’m in a job where I get paid weekly, but last year I got paid every 4 weeks and so it would be ages before I got paid again, plus obviously there’s bills to pay throughout that month. It was definitely a struggle. Putting some money away every month or so when it gets closer to that dreaded month will surely help when it comes round to buying those presents!

Shopping online is another FAB option. You don’t have to brace the cold outdoors and get trampled on! You can do it from the comfort of your house and do it whenever the hell you want. No having to wait till your next day off to buy them because online shopping is 24/7. WOOP WOOP!

Making a list will certainly stress you out less! You pop down literally everything you need to buy/do for Christmas and tick them off one by one when you’re finished. It’s SO SO satisfying ticking them off and seeing the list go down ever so slowly!

Also, make sure you know when to stop and chill out for 5 minutes (or 5 hours). It can be so easy to get stuck into a crap mood and hate Christmas shopping because you can’t find what you want or you have no idea what to get someone. Lock that phone/ turn off that laptop and do something else, it’ll come to you in the end!


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