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Putting Up The Christmas Tree!

So this was going to be my blog post about going Christmas tree picking with the family, however around mid November I came home from work and lets just say the Nunn’s house turned into a legit Christmas grotto!

I walked into the living room and they had gotten the artificial tree down from the loft that we hadn’t used for YEAAAARS, which gave me soooo much nostalgia from when we were younger! Allllll the Christmas ornaments etc were out on the fireplace and we decorated the tree together. Plus the dogs were in matching Christmas jumpers and they looked suuuuper cute!

I wasn’t mad about the fact they had put up the Christmas tree up without me. It was so fab to see it up! And although to some it might have been too early, I think it looks so pretty sat there in the corner of the room and it got me so excited for Christmas! I don’t care if I’m starting too early!

When do you guys put up your Christmas trees? Are you crazy like my family and actually had it up mid November, or does yours go up (like normal people would) in December!?


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