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A Festive Make Over!

Good day lovelies! I hope you’re having a lovely week! So I wanted to share a few more festive topics this month, and really wanted to do something with make-up! I’m absolutely useless compared to some looks I see on Instagram, and so I was reaaaally excited when my best friend Abbie said her sister Chloe was starting up a make-up business! I thought it would be awesome to get my face done up by her – Christmas-ey of course – and share some photos because she did an incredible job!

So I obviously wanted a glittery look because ummm… HELLO! It’s Christmas people! She went to TOWN with it and it looked SOOOO good! I absolutely LOVED every part of the make up!

I also need to up my eyebrow game because she made them look SOOO much better than I usually do! I so wish it was a Friday or Saturday night we did this so I could have gone out out afterwards so everyone could see it because I was obsessed!

I’ll pop her Instagram link >> HERE << so you can check out her insaaane make up skills and drop her a message if you want to contact her for any events you’ve got coming up! I would hiiiiighly recommend!

Make-up products used:

FACE: Mac Cosmetics, Studio FX Foundation with Studio FX concealer for contour and fine lines. Max Factor blush and bronzer for contour. Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit for highlight

BROWS: Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glow palette powder brows with Studio FX concealer for defining

EYES: Sample Beauty palette II for base shade, Juvias Place The Magic Palette pinks and Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Lucid for lid base, Barry M Fine Glitter dust for eyeliner flick. NYX cosmetics loose glitter in red and silver, lashes Bonjour by Primalash.

LIPS: NYX Cosmetics soft matte lip cream in San Francisco.


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