My Plan For Christmas

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! ITS CHRISTMAS EEEEEEVE! WHAT. THE. HELL. I am soooo excited! What’s everyone’s plans this evening? I tell you what it’s been a busy month FULL of work, blogmas posts and getting festive with friends and family i’m sooo ready to chill out with everyone and eat my weight in chocolate and Christmas dinner!

At the beginning of the month I went off to Blackthorpe Barn to begin the festivities early and it realllllly worked! I feel like doing this blogmas tinnggg has gotten me EVEN MORE into Christmas because I have been making an effort to do more bits like going to Christmas-ey places, baking bits and trying to give people ideas about what to get others! It’s been awesome!

So for Christmas Day this year it’ll be us four plus the dogs! We ALWAYS must have croissants in the mornings after we’ve opened our presents, it’s tradition! It’s my turn this year to go to Guy’s house in the morning/afternoon where I’ll spend an hour or two over there seeing his fam and giving presents!

Mum’s actually working for a few hours in the afternoon so that leaves us to the Christmas dinner! DUN. DUN. DUNNNN. I don’t think it’ll match up anywhere near what mum would make, but we’re all gonna give it a good try!

What’s your plan for Christmas Day?! Whatever it is I hope it’s FULL of happy memories and plenty of FOOOOD!


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