Christmas Markets In Prague!

Last week me, Guy and his parents hopped on the plane to Prague for a couple of days! It was SOO lovely to explore the city a bit and of course, look around the Christmas markets and feel get in the festive mood.

We flew from London Southend airport at 17:10 and the flight was only an hour and a half! We jumped in a taxi and drove for round 25 minutes until we got to the King Charles Boutique Hotel. Ngl the hotel didn’t look like one from the outside, but the inside was fab! I was seriously obsessed with the windows in our room. Sad I know. Once we had chucked the suitcases into the hotel room we wandered across the road to get some food at this AMAAAZING place called Protrefena Husa, I’ll have to make a blog post about this bad boy because it was SOOOO nice! It was like 10/11 by this point so we just crashed into bed.

Tuesday was our full day where we were able to explore the Christmas markets as well as a little bit of Prague so we went HAM! Straight after breakfast we ventured out onto the trams and wandered around Old Town Square’s markets which was FULL of crafty bits and GLORIOUS smelling food! We walked around for what seemed like ages, and I was just amazed by the buildings and roads, they were just so pretty! We then went on to Wenceslas Square where there were even MORE markets to bimble round, then came across this shop which sold wooden toys and it was like a sea of toys!

We then headed further down the road and there was a sweet shop called Captain Candy… OH MY GOD. It was Guy’s (and maybe my) heathen. It was so hard not to fill up the whole bloody bag!

The Charles Bridge was next after the markets! We walked towards the bridge and there were some fantastic views. We crossed the river and my legs were freezing. Lesson learned: don’t bring jeans with rips in the knee because your knee will actually freeze! There was this gelato place called Amorino, they did the most delicious hot chocolate! Literally it just tasted like a hot yogurt it was that thick, but it wasn’t that sickly. Now I’m back in England all the hot chocolates I ever taste won’t even compare to this one cup I had there! I wish I’d be able to copy it somehow!

After a sit down at Amorino we decided to head back over the bridge and back to the hotel to warm up and chill out a bit before heading out in the late afternoon evening! We did pass the Dancing House en route back which was really cool to see too! Now once we had got back to the hotel I decided to take a bath. This was quite a big thing because I don’t really tend to bath in hotels as I’m a weirdo but this bath was just too good not to run! Plus I was FREEZING cold by this point so I didn’t really care!

A few hours later we headed back into Old Town and saw the Christmas market again but all lit up in the dark, and it looked SO SO beautiful! It was nowhere near as busy either! For dinner we walked around the square to find somewhere in the rain and came across this place called Kotleta where I had the most fantastic burger! Why has everything got to be so much better abroad sometimes! I’ll have to make a separate post on the restaurants we ate at another time because they were bloody brilliant!

After dinner we wandered back to Old Town Square and grabbed a chocolate crepe because I fancied a chocolate fix and something warm and then slowly headed back to the hotel, before heading to bed!

In the morning we had some spare time before we had to head to the airport, so we went for a big ol wander around where we were staying and found some beautiful places to stand and look out at Prague!

I absolutely loved spending a day or two in Prague to explore the city, and just to have a few days away from ol’ Bury St Edmunds!

On another note…

ITS CHRISTMAS IN A WEEK. A. WEEK. Are you all finished shopping or barely started? Let me know!


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