My 2018 Roundup!

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Hope you eat tons of fab food with fab people and have a FABBBBB time! Thank you for coming along journey with me and my blog, it’s been bloody hard to try and stay organised with it all but I’ve loved to share different things, especially this month, creating 25 different posts and sharing them with you guys ON TIME has been difficult. But were here. We’re done. Now I need long nap! For my last post this month I thought I’d round up my 2018 and reflect a little bit!


What a year it’s been, sorry to be one of those people but how bloody quick has it gone?! I feel like I’ve blinked and the years just gone! It’s been a fab year though, firstly I have finally found a job that I absolutely adore and can see a future in, or in the very least it’s given me a clear direction of where I want to head in career-wise! I’ve also met some fantastic people too and I’m just really excited to see where things go!

With regards to my blog this year, I’ve definitely worked on it a lot more and I feel like I’m in a great place with it now! Towards the end of 2017 I lost motivation and wasn’t in the right head space to think of new ideas or share anything on the blog because I put so much pressure on myself to find something I wanted to do for the rest of my life job-wise instead, which I shouldn’t have worried about too much now I think about it because eventually we all find something we love in the end… For me it was really just right place right time!

In February this year I FINALLY decided to start an Instagram for the blog. For some reason at first I wasn’t sure it would be a good idea because I had no idea what to post about or whether anyone would actually like or read my captions, but evidently quite a few people do! And although Instagram is realllly hit and miss sometimes (algorithm) I have connected with some lovely people and found bloggers in my area who do what I do, and being able to meet up with them every so often and have conversations about blogging and discussing these topics is SOOOO nice! I feel like I’m in a big ol Suffolk bloggers bubble!

I also turned 20 this year! Yikes! I can’t hide behind the “teens” anymore! 10 years and I’ll be 30! That’ll scare my mum and dad!

Figuring out what I want to do has been a massive task for me this year to overcome! I gave myself a lot of stick for something that really didn’t matter too much at the end of the day! But in January I went HAM and applied for as many jobs that sounded relatively like something I’d like to do, I went through so many different vacancies! From office jobs, receptionists, vets, travel agents, I even considered applying to be an air hostess and realised I can’t actually stay away from home or my family for that long. Then I was looking on the apprenticeships website because I was literally on my last straw, soooo fed up and found an application for a canine carer, where I could literally play with dogs, learn about their behaviour etc and earn a Animal Care qualification at the same time. UMMMMM yes please?! I’m a major dog person, I mean if you didn’t already know! So I instantly applied for it, and now I finally have a direction to what I want to do, and after I’ve finished my apprenticeship I’d love delve further and learn more about dog behaviour. Or maybe I’ll become a vet! Who knows.

Something a bit different now, travel! I went to Brighton with Abbie in March and decided I would love to do a lot more of these little city breaks and explore some countries for a few days rather than one big holiday! Although I do really enjoy them too…

Me, the fam and the bfs went to Turkey again this year in June/July, same place, same kind of time, same hotel as the year before and it was honestly SO much fun!

Earlier this month me and Guy went to Prague for a few days with his parents too which was soooo lovely! It was fab to see another country all lit up in Christmas lights and wander round the Christmas markets! I know just like Bury’s Christmas market back home it gets quite repetitive after a while, you see 5 crepe stalls and the same toys being sold, but it’s just a great atmosphere! I’d really love to go and explore other cities next year for a couple of days!

What did you guys get up to this year?! Have you got any resolutions planned yet?


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