A Few Bits I Received This Christmas!

Am I a bit late to the party on this one? Oh well I'm gonna post it anyway, because I wanted to share some photos of a few things I received at Christmas! I was really spoilt and got so many small bits which would take about a million years to show, so I just wanted to share a few of them in a post!  


Below is the smoky eye palette by Urban Decay. If you've seen one of my previous posts (see here), I fell in love with the Naked 2 palette as my beginner palette to get me started, there are some beautiful easy shades for me to apply, and tbh I think I've used almost every shade. I am so excited to practise with this palette and up my smoky eye game! At the moment I'm utterly useless! I'm quite hesitant on the really dark shades because I don't want to end up looking like a bloody panda, but I have learnt (from watching a ton of YouTube videos) to blend, blend, and blend a little bit more!


I also got some superrrrr soft brushes... Ohh my gosh I love the feel of new brushes on my skin! They never feel the same once I clean them *sad face* so I'm going to see how long I can leave it for... They are also marble which I absolutely lovvve.

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