The BOOTS That Were A Bargain!


Ok people. Prepare yourselves. Because I found yet another diamond whilst shopping in Primark the other day...

I must just mention before though, I'm 100% one of though guys that grab a basket as soon as I enter the store, because you never know the possible haulage/damage you could make. However in the first few minutes walking around the shop I felt a little bit disheartened and couldn't find anything, I kinda sunk a bit, then put my big ol basket back and figured today was not gonna be the day for a big ol spree.... I picked up some basic tops and joggers and started to come to terms with it.

THEN I went up the escalator to the second floor... And suddenly I needed a basket? I grabbed some lovely bits from Primark's homeware, and then walked on over to the sale section of shoes to have a little gander, some "What are THOOOOOSE" moments. And then I stumbled upon THESE bad boys! 


Now, I'm gonna let you guess what the price of these EPIC boots. IN THE SALE I MIGHT ADD TOOOO. These BEAUTYS were originally £10... Have a little wonder... Ok. They were £3. Yes. 3 POUNDS. AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN. I whipped these off the shelf and chucked them in my basket as fast as I possibly could!

Now I just need a little dinner or something to wear them to... Because I feel like there more than a dog walking kind of shoe?