Stocking Filler Ideas!


Ello bambinos!

So I’ve decided I’m going to “try” and do blogmas. It’s that thing where you upload a blog post every day up to Christmas. Gotta chuck in that extra pressure on before Christmas you see! Have you guys started your Christmas shopping yet, or are you one of those people who refuse to do anything Christmas related until December, or even worse, leave it as late as Christmas eve?!

If you’ve already got a head start or are thinking about starting pretty soon, I thought I’d share some ideas with regards to stocking fillers for both male and female!

Firstly a trip to Primark is always an option for both guys and girls. They always have loads of little things for £1 or so and are sooooo handy! You can get stick on nails, nail varnish, cheap make up bits like lip balms, socks (you can’t go wrong with some socks!) or maybe some festive pj’s, sometimes they have DVD’s just by the tills too which are always worth a look!

Wilko can do some good bits too, they have cheaper bath bombs if you don’t fancy spending £5+ on a bath bomb from Lush (no hate because I love a Lush bath bomb but the price tag is crazy)

I feel like online nowadays is the way to go now ngl. The Christmas markets are lovely and you can get some fab bits but why go out onto the high street and get stressed out because there’s toooo many people to even move in some shops! Amazon is always a great website to go on because they literally have everything you can think of, Find Me A Gift and Not On The High Street is good too for more personalised bits like mugs and photo frames.

With the rise of so many independent brands too, its always worth a look around on Instagram or other social media if you’re after brands that aren’t as well known that everyone has! It supports little businesses as well so it’s a win win!

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