Christmas Jumpers!

Another day another blogmas post! Today’s agenda isssssss: Christmas Jumpers!

First up, ASOS! I love all three of these soooo much, I wish I had an limitless bank account so I could buy every single one of these I’ve put in because I love them so much! The first one on the left is a Monki exclusive to ASOS and has multicoloured trees printed on! So cute! This next one, although it is petite I feel like I could get away with (being 5”4) if I perhaps went a size up! I love the colours on this jumper too! The last one is ASOS DESIGN like the previous product, and I think the design is really fun.

This next set of three are from Next. Again if they weren’t £30 (ish) each I would love to buy all three of them! The first one is a cute pink jumper with a fluffy unicorn on the front and arm, along with a gold sparkly horn! Although it’s not majorly Christmassy, I still think it’s sick! The next one is a navy number with a festive af flamingo with text saying “Merry & Bright”. So cool right?! The last one from Next is this red jumper with a Rudolph on the front. It’s red nose sticks out of the jumper too which makes me love it 10x more!

I realise now I have quite a few Rudolph/reindeer jumpers here, but it’s too late now! This next one is from M&S (oo poooosh) but surprisingly it’s only £25. I thought for M&S this was really good!? The reindeer’s have sequins on their noses which is super cute, I actually really like this kind of design for a Christmas jumper! The next two are SheIn. Now I know they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to sizing etc, they can be reaallllly off, but I wanted to get jumpers from a variety of websites! These are under £20, I believe the red one is actually £12.99 which is a fab price! The other reindeer jumper on the right hand side is £18.99 so a little more pricey, but a lot of the time SheIn have reviews that customers have left after purchasing the items themselves which is a great guide for you if you’re thinking about buying something!

And I mean I couldn’t resist popping in some dog jumpers for you for the last set because LOOK! How cute are these! Mia and Maggie would look so damn sweet in these! The last jumper here is from ASOS and I feel like it’s not tooooo Christmassy, so you could probably get away with wearing it through autumn!

Doggos Jumper collage.jpg
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