Secret Santa Ideas!


It’s that time of the year again. You’ve got to find something for the Secret Santa at work and you have no idea what to get them. I love doing Secret Santa as long as I know who I’m buying for to some extent! I thought I would chuck you guys some ideas for your Secret Santa this year and create a lil blog post with where to shop etc!

Find Me A Gift

These kind of website’s can be genius for Secret Santa’s! They have a category for every kind of Secret Santa, for him, for her, for the office, etc etc. So it’s so easy to whittle it down instead of searching through a ton of products which really aren’t fit for your Secret Santa!


Amazon is FULL of so many products, which means there’s bound to be something for your Secret Santa here! There are endless categories which you can search through and if you’re with Amazon Prime you can get these items ASAP!


PrezzyBox is another perfect website for your Secret Santa! They have a TON gifts under £10 which is ideal if that’s your price range! Tbh this was my favourite as soon as I came across it! It’s bound to have a few laughs around the table! If you have the same sense of humour as me that is. They have sandal socks and warning cones too which sound hilarious

Not On The High Street

I feel like this would be for a more expensive Secret Santa, and by that I mean over £10, or if you are looking to get a gift for someone you know quite well as there are a lot of items where you can personalise with names, letters or photos!

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