3 No.7 Products Always In My Make Up Bag!

Todays blog post is actually on make up. I KNOW? Make up! I don't really have many posts at all about make up, as I normally stick to the products I know and like. But I'm feeling some change, (if you haven't already seen my blog posts recently going onnnn about changing up my clothes) and now its turned to my make up! I've grown bored I think, and I just want to see what different foundations are out there! Plus I feel like it would be a fab opportunity to post products on ma blog that I really love, and maybe test out some more products from different brands and post them on here to see the results I get! Hopefully I find some things I'll love, but I just find it extremely difficult and sometimes overwhelming going around drugstores constantly swatching different shades trying to find the best fit for me. Theres TOO MUCH to choose from and I'm not make up expert. I haven't a bloody clue!


I personally find No.7 perfect for me because I can just waltz into Boots, sit down with a lovely lady working at the counter and be totally in the hands of an expert, talk about what look or finish I want, she knows her stuff, gets her special machine thing out and bam! I'm matched! That's it. I can just grab my shade and run away from the dozens of make up counters that just look too daunting for me. This also saves me SO much time, instead of opening SO many different testers and finding the right shade for me. I really cba with the effort! That's why No.7 is a great little start for me! And it doesn't really break the bank every time I run out of a mascara or concealer as they always have 3 for 2 deals when I go in.

Anyway. These are the three No.7 products that I ALWAYS have in my make up bag and love to use! 

First up, for me is the most important part! Before anything else, the foundation! My shade is Calico, which is actually the lightest shade they have available, and the woman who matched me in Boots knew as soon as I came over to her I would be, because I'm pale AF. This foundation doesn't really have much coverage at all as its Superlight, so is probably going to be better for the summer months when the suns out and you want to add a lil bit of colour on to the ol cheeks! I tend to use a few more layers of this to get a bit more coverage if I'm going out or want to just put a bit more effort in. But for casual days this foundation just takes the natural redness away from my face and makes me feel a bit more covered?


Another product from No.7 which I just keep going back to is this, Instant Radiance Concealer in Shade 10, which again is the palest shade they have available. I absolutely love this concealer, it's just like a little clicky pen you can just dab or wipe over spots or dark circles and it works wonders for my under eyes, makes me look a less like a walking zombie and a bit more awake? 


The last item I have in my make up bag which is from No.7 was initially just so I could get the 3 for 2 deal and I wanted to get the free product. No.7 pretty much ALWAYS have a deal on No.7 make up WHENEVER you go in Boots, and you always get a voucher which pulls you back in to spend MORE dosh! But back to the mascara. I didn't really have any expectations for it because as I said I just picked it up for the deal, plus it was really cute and sparkly! (#NotAMagpie) Not going to lie to you, I genuinely think it's turned into one of my top favourite mascaras of all time! If you know me at all i don't really tend to put tooo much effort into applying make up so cba with that layering business. I love the fact this doesn't take much effort at ALL to get the MOST volume! Obviously if you are into the layering business I think this would be brilliant, as its FOR volume cray eyelashes!

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