Just A Smidge Of Skincare!


Ok, now I'm definitely NO moisturising expert! I don't sit in front of my vanity in the evening ( only in my dreams ) with a huge collection of different lotion and potions to choose from, religiously slathering myself in moisturiser. That's not really my thing, plus I feel like EVERY single moisturiser I come across, I am rubbing it in for centuries (yes, centuries) and then it just seems to stick to me forever and I cant stand the feeling of it! *cringes* Any product recommendations that DONT do that would be very appreciated please!

Anyway, when it comes down to actually moisturising, I don't really think about it unless I shave my legs, which doesn't happen very often in this weather bc I like to keep as much layer-age as possible to keep myself warm! On the rare occurrence I do moisturise, I like it to be as quick as possible! Soak it in and get on with whatever! I just need to find THAT product that works and create a lil routine so I can be THAT person that applies moisturiser religiously!


I'm not a complete fanny though, I do remember to moisturise my face every day (pretty much)!  So even if my hands are cracking because they are dry af, at least I have my moist face! I love to use this Nivea Sensitive Day Cream, or the Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream. Before applying any make up I do a lil dry skin check, if I do have a few dry areas, I only need to use a little ball of it and the product covers alllllll over my face and makes my face feel so much more moisturised and ready? If that's a thing? It's real cheap and cheerful because it's only £2/3, and is so easy to get a hold of because its in literally every supermarket or drugstore you can think of, which is good because I go through it pretty quick! 


The next product has been with me for a little while now! If - like me - you sometimes forget you have make up on till you go to bed and cant be bothered to get the wipes out to remove ya face, I absolutely love using The Body Shop's Aloe Calming Foaming Wash. Firstly, I love using it because I feel like a child pumping out this foam to put on to my face. Secondly, it takes of pretty much all of my make up the first time! I find that make up removing wipes are really harsh on my eyes sometimes, but with this foaming wash its not too harsh and saves me using like 2/3 wipes and doing a rough job! It doesn't leave me feeling really dry on my face either which is a real bonus! 

What are your skincare faves? Link me below if you have any posts with them in!