My Lush Collection! Round 2

I feel like another bath bomb post is needed on the blog! I'm a tad obsessed with Lush bath bombs, as well as some of their hair products which I have tried and tested >> See Here << I have a little stash in my room on display which desperately needs refilling (I'm definitely feeling a Lush trip soon)

 I feel like Lush can be a lot like Marmite for some people? You will either absolutely love them or bladdy hate it because of how strong the smell can be! Anyway, I had a scroll through my phone and noticed I have a ton of bath bomb photos (yes I'm one of THOSE people who like to take photos of my bath bombs on action!) that I've taken over a little while, that I've either used already or I am yet to use. I figured I might as well share them along with my opinions, as they are just sitting there looking pretty for nobody to appreciate! 

There is a Christmassy bath bomb and bubble bar that I received as a gift or bought that I really want to share too because they look so cute!



First up is 'The Experimenter!'(£4.50) I absolutely LOVE the shape and look of this big ol thing, the big blocks of colour creates some pretty AWESOME colour combinations when its fizzing up in the bath! Not gonna lie though, the finishing colour in the bath isn't the best! It ends up a weird greeny murky kinda colour, but I don't mind because I get so excited seeing the colours merging all together and moving around the bath!


The next bath bomb is from Lush's Christmas collection I believe. It's called 'Sweater Weather!' OH MY GOD. I am LIVING for the light orange and pink colours that mix together when its fizzing away in the water, and the finishing colour once its all disintegrated is just amazing! I've got to say though, despite it being a winter bath bomb, it really gives me MASSIVE summer vibes?


The 'Rocket Science' bath bomb (£2.50) has quickly become a favourite bath bomb of mine ever since I bought it back in September >> See Here << I feel like it's just a cheaper version of the Intergalactic which used to be my favourite? Plus it's only £2.50! It still has the same super sparkly water after its all disintegrated away in the bath, plus it goes around the water leaving lots of little dots of colour from the bottom of the rocket!


The last bath bomb I have tried is the 'Dark Arts' JELLY BOMB! I tried these in the Ipswich Lush store and they felt INCREDIBLE in the little mixing bowl, I was sold as soon as I felt how cool it was! I don't know if its because I put too much water in the bath, but I didn't get the same effect in the bath as it did in the shop, so I was really disappointed! What did any of you think to them if you have tried them? Did I do it completely wrong?!


Below are two of my 'yet to try' bath bombs! I'm really looking forward to using the 'Big Sleep' jelly bomb, but I don't want to in case it turns out how the other one did and it be super anti-climatic? 

What are your favourite bath bombs?! I'm always down for trying a new bath bomb so chuck me some suggestions!


'The Big Sleep' Jelly Bomb


Snowman Bubble Bar

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