3 Outfits I'm Going To Be Living In This Spring!

I'm back with another blog post! More specifically, another fashion based post! I have put together my top 3 favourite outfits I just KNOW I'm going to be LIVINGGG in this Spring! I can't wait for the warmer weather now I'm so sick of the cold! Do you all feel the same?  want to be able to walk outside again with just a t-shirt and trousers on, and it still to be light outside till like 8/9pm!

I think I better give you a heads up before I start sharing any of these outfit. I didn't realise until I looked at the photos that literally ALL three pieces are paired with tie waist trousers! I'm absolutely OBSESSED with these kind of trousers in the Spring though! A little bit of leg out, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! I swear I have a pair in every colour now (it's actually getting ridiculous) but they are just soooo comfy and have such a nice elasticated waist, so you can eat to your hearts content too! 

Anyway enough of me rambling on about bloody trousers, lets get on to the first combo! I'm loving this bright greeny 'Liberte' slogan top from Primark which was £4! Yesssss, you read it right, £4! As I was waltzing around Primark the other week, as you do, I found this t-shirt and got so excited but quickly disappointed because there was only a size 6 or an 8 *rolls eyes*. BUT, I tried on an 8 and it fitted perfectly because it was a little oversized! HURRAH! There was light at the end of the tunnel! I thought this top would go perfect with some black tie waist trousers from Newlook (I know, shocker!) and some canvas trainers. 


Are you ready for the second outfit? I'm not sure if you are you know... Next up are these pair of BRIGHT RED trousers from Boohoo >> See Here << Oh My Goddd they are fab! These are SOOOO bright and 'out there' for me, but they are PERFECT for the spring! I don't know if you have seen from my previous posts, I keep rabbiting on about trying to add a ton of colour to my wardrobe, so I thought hey, why the hell not add these to the mix! I feel like I need to be in the right gutsy mood to wear them though? I've paired it with my trusty t-shirt from New Look, which I couldn't seem to find to link you!


Last but CERTAINLY by no means least, is THIS awesome twosome which is just UHHHHUH! It's probably my favourite of the 3 outfits to be honest! I am absolutely adoring this bright mustardy colour at the moment ( If you couldn't already tell from my bright af coat I posted about already >> See Here << ) it's just such an easy colour to work with, and it's a super popular colour this year! The sweater I'm wearing is from Primark, again for like £4/5, another bargain! These black and white striped trousers I've put with it is from Select Fashion, I am also lovinggg these, they go perfect with the bright mustard! They are quite a thin material though, so sadly I'm going to have to wait a little bit longer to wear them and not freeze to death! *sulks*


I cant wait for the warmer weather so I can whack these bad boys out and wear them all to death! Do you have any clothing obsessions in the Spring like me and my trousers?