Brighton | The Bok Shop!

The first evening in Brighton went SO fast! We had an early dinner because we were hungry af after travelling all day long! We had a quick wander around to see what we fancied and came across The Bok Shop! The style and branding really dragged me in! We didn't hang around too long before deciding bc we were so FLIPPIN COLD!


The staff at The Bok Shop were super friendly and we came in at the right time because it wasn't too busy and we sat down instantly! I feel like there might have been a seating area downstairs, but we didn't get the chance to explore down there! Maybe if we go down next time we'll get the chance to!


We went for a standard, classic chicken burger with some fries on the side! I thought it was really cool how they came along with this lil tray, The burger was bloody huge but beautiful! I had to take a little break afterwards because I was fulllll to the brim! 


I think we also need to take a moment to appreciate this photo, just look! Cute A...F! The whole place was just bangin', I  really can't get over it!  The hanging liiiiights, the wooden benches you sat on, everything! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Even this little area where they made the drinks was just shouting to be photographed! Could have stayed in here for hours!


Have you guys been here? What were your thoughts? More food posts coming soon!

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