The New Bag!

On the way to Brighton the other week my bag broke! *Cries* We were literally at the train station waiting to get the train to Cambridge, I went to stand up and *BAM* bye bye Primarny bag! Tbh it has lasted me pretty well, but it couldn't have died on me at a less inconvenient time! So whilst in Brighton I decided that was my mission for the few days we were away to get a new bag! 


Ngl I'm never usually one to spend much on bags at all, cheap and cheerful is normally what I go for! Meg (my sister) has recently purchased a River Island bag which I love but I'm always like "could get that so much cheaper in *enter shop here*".

Anyway, I couldn't find anything I really liked, tbh I didn't really have a bloody clue what style or colour I wanted! We were wandering around and had a gander in River Island - mainly for the clothes - and had a brief little looksie at the bags and found this gem! At first I wasn't sure on it because y'know, its £32 which I could have spent on clothes or food or 4/5 bags from Primark, but I thought SOD IT! I'm getting it! Throw my cheapskate-ness out the window! 


I am FEEEEELIN' this bag! I absolutely ADORE the strap which is a bright red one side and then black on the other, plus this weave/Aztec-y style on the bag is JUST what I didn't know I was looking for! It's got a really cute mustard/yellow on the inside bit too which I obviously love soooo much as well! (If you couldn't tell from all the other blog posts on here, I'm living for the reds and the yellows!)

So yeah, hope ya enjoyed me lusting over my new bag! Link to the bag is HERE if you wanna cop yourself one!



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