VO5 Obsessing!


I think I'm becoming quite the hoarder in terms of shower gels and hair care now, I'm just that crazy! I looked the other day and the majority of the shower gels on the shelf by the shower were actually mine! (Although I can probably guess I share most if not all of them with mum and my sister Meg too) Most of them are on their last legs and I'm trying to use as little as possible to preserve the bottles for as long as I can! They just smell soooooo bloody lovely and I'm such a cheapskate to go out and buy more of them, yet I'm constantly going out to buy different AMAZING bits to add to my collection!? I don't know. Apparently that makes sense to me? I just love to try out new shower gels and hair care products to see how ma locks feel afterwards!

Anywhoooo, the next brand to enter my ever-growing collection is the VO5 shampoo and conditioner! I think I've used VO5 hairspray before years ago, but I cant remember what I thought about it! Anyway, I saw these in The Range whilst I was on a mission to buy everything but not spend a fortune, which is all too easy in The Range! (Just opened in Bury St Edmunds btw) I brought these home and have been eagerly waiting to be able to give 'em a whirlllll and see what I thought of them!


I started using these, together obviously because I'm OCD as heck about that, I don't mix n match my shampoo and conditioner just like I feel like its a crime to mix n match my bikinis! Anybody else the same? I cant be the only non mix n matcher out there! I used these the other day and ohmyliiiiiiife, my hair feels so SILKYYY and SMOOOOOOTH, I could have been stood there rinsing for hours because honestly it was just soooo soft! Got out the shower, and even after brushing my hair through it was still SMOOTH AF! Dried my mane and still felt incred! Honestly, for a few quid you have to give this a go if you haven't already because oml I LOVE IT!

Do you guys have any brands I haven't tried yet? Let me know in the comments!