My "Screw Make Up" Phase


I know I literally posted a few weeks ago about being back in the eyeliner game, but I gave up pretty quickly afterwards! I know, IM A FAILURE! I found it to be too much effort for me in the mornings whilst getting ready tbh, and you know if you're half asleep or not feeling it, ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN! So there's no point even attempting it because you know you're gonna be wiping it off and applying it 20 times and its really not worth the sore eye afterwards!

I feel like I'm currently going through a "screw make up" phase at the moment, firstly to give my face a little bit of a breather! Plus I like to go without for a little while sometimes because otherwise I end up feeling like I need to wear make up and I can't go anywhere without slapping a layer of foundation on to make me feel a little bit better about all of thisssss *shakes hand in face*. I get a bit pissed off with my face because it gets really red REALLY easily. Seriously. I speak to someone I'm completely comfortable with? Red face triggered. Get cold? Red face. Get a little warm? RED. FACE. There isn't much that happens where I don't turn red as a fricken tomato, so I like to put a few layers of foundation on to conceal it just a tad. Does anyone ever have the same?


I've been doing some reaaaaal early shifts at work so that has kind of pushed me not to wear mch at all, I've had to change my priorities in the morning you see! Make up unfortunately is NOT one of them! I get up at silly o'clock to be in to work at 5 and, really? I cant be arsed with having to apply the whole works when my eyes want to go to sleep already as it is! Kudos to whoever does do this in the mornings btw! I'd rather spend those few more minutes in bed though.

With this sunny af weather too I really don't want to be sweating my face off, or getting panda eye because I've been squinting in the sun all day! At the moment I have  just been moisturising with my old faithful Nivea , chucking a little bit of eyebrow by Collection and if I'm feeling it a mascara, I either use No.7 or Tanya Burr Cosmetics Mascara which I have just found! All the shops were having a clearance of the range probably because she will have more to come out this year or something, but I actually found one left when I went shopping in Ipswich and quickly nabbed this for like £3 / £4 and honestly I'm SO miffed I didn't try this earlier because I flipping love it! (Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review Here) So wish this was out constantly!