Make Your Own Lip Scrub!

"Oh my god, Abi has clearly been spending too much time on Pinterest!"

Make Your Own Lip Scrub!

Yes, yes I have, I'm bloody obsessed! I've been pinning things for days over on my Pinterest (I'm over here if you wanna follow!) since I recently re-discovered it! I had seen other bloggers using it and thought hey why not give it another go! I cleared it out bc it was filled with prom hair from about 4 years (FOUR YEARS WTF) ago and memes I found funny at the time. Ofc I'm going to make another meme one, just with more up to date funny ones. BACK ON TRACK. Pinterest! I have been scrolling through the endless DIY posts which are really making me want to redecorate my bedroom AGAIN, and saw lip scrubs! When I saw it I was actually so excited to make it and give it a whirl because it just sounded like such a weird concept! So, its like a body scrub... but instead... for your lips?

I had a quick google once I came across it for SIMPLE lip scrubs bc I had nothing in the house and i wanted to make one ASAP to try, so I needed it to be as basic af - and this one I found was!

The Recipe I used:

A teaspoon of sugar

A teaspoon of olive oil

Vanilla Essence (f you want)

Just a dash of food colouring bc you don't want your lips to go a different colour! 

Make Your Own Lip Scrub!
Make Your Own Lip Scrub!

Ngl, it looks really cool, and I'm really happy with it, I LOVE the colour I chose too! I tried it and I wasn't too sure what was meant to happen??? I mean you could feel the oil on your lips when you chucked it on which was really nice but idk, did I do it wrong? Pls send help. My lips didn't turn blue though and I mean that's always got to be a plus right?

If you've tried making these before or are an experienced lip scrubs-maker, and remember/know the method and things you used etc, pop it in the comments so I can try again, please! If you get bored and happen to make one of these yourself let me know how they came out so we can laugh at my failure together!