Puppy! Week 3...


Another week another puppy post! It's already been 3 fricken weeks! WHAT! I can't believe it! Now his eyes are open I feel like his got his own lil personality forming! Plus now he's actually walking around properly and getting so inquisitive and I LOVE IT! I have so many videos of him attempting to run around and his back legs go too quickly for his front and he ends up on the floor, or playing with Mia's toys


He's starting to play fight a little bit with Mia too which is CUTE AF I'm just melting RN thinking about it.


He's actually growing some teeth too now so he likes to give you a little nibble on the ear or finger which makes me die every TIME! He's got a thing for people's feet too which is fun! NOT! I wont write too much this week because not much has really happened to talk about, so ill leave you to the puppy photos!

32393283_938434602994089_8610653531415773184_n (1).jpg