My Current Fave High Street Bags!

Ok, so we were all on the way to Felixstowe the other week I had v brief brainstorm and thought "oooo I haven't actually shared my bag collection." I don't know if any of these will be of interest bc they aren't expensive designer handbags, sorry to disappoint you!

My first favourite bag I've shown this one on a blog post before so instead of repeating myself again, I'll just link it here if you fancy a read! It's a small red backpack i got from NewLook at the beginning of the year so I'm not too sure it'll be in stock! But it's the perfect size to chuck your purse, keys, phone in and go! I got really excited when I found out you can wear it two ways too... Very sad i know. 

My absolute fave which i keep reaching for is this from Accessorize! I wear it most of the time, and now the colder weather is coming in I'll be (sadly) putting the culottes away and pairing this with jeans and a jumper most likely! So you could wear a plain loud coloured jumper, black jeans and some vans!

I freaking LOVE the black and white pattern on it, and there's a lot more space in it then you'd think! I love the fact there's two compartments too!


This next bag comes with a little story! If you've been following my blog for a little while you would have seen I went to Brighton back in March... When it snowed! Well I was literally sat down at the train station waiting for the train down with Abbie (the bestie) and I got up and broke my bag! A Primark one so i couldn't complain, but I had to quickly bin the bag and chuck my stuff in Abbie's instead! Anyway the plan was to find a bag in Brighton and i found this one from River Island! I really love the patterns on the front and the fact the strap is black one side and red the other! If only i had the money to buy the matching purse eh?


My final fave is ANOTHER River Island bag. I got this as a present for my birthday (from Abbie (just gonna keep name dropping you hope you don't mind!)) It's so cute! It's the same kind of theme as my previous one because of the woven patterns, but  just gives a big ol pop of colour to my outfits if they're looking a bit mono.

BAGS 3.jpg

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