The Polka Dot Obsession...

HOLLA! Hope you are all doing very well! I thought I would share another one of my latest obsessions with the internet because this has been a trend i have absolutely been LOVING and will not stop any time soon. Like seriously. It's polka dot. And I just can't get enough! I feel like ever since polka dot came back I decided i just have to have it in my life! I need to find me some cute af polka dot knits for the autumn/winter when it starts to get colder tbh, so if anyone can link me to some gems I'd love you forever and ever!

Guy was being a top bf the other week and helping me get some pics for the blog and I spotted this insane blue wall. Must. Get. Photo. In front of. Wall. I was doing the awkward change in the car and thought hey why not go double polka dot on the top AND bottoms? I asked Guy if I looked like a twat and rolled with it. Surprisingly I kinda loved it? (btw I know my bra strap is out on one of the photos, I was so fecked off but love the photo anyway so thought screw it!)

Polka dot top @topshop, trousers @Primark
Polka dot top @topshop, trousers @Primark

The top is a Topshop sale find believe it or not! I really love the fact its off the shoulder and its quite a summery top which means I won't be wearing it for much longer (thanks British weather) but I will certainly be whacking it out again next year! I don't really tend to shop at Topshop a great deal because some things cost an arm and a leg there, unless they have a sale, then I always like to have a lil nose and see whats about! I think this was under £5 so it was a bloody bargain!

The trousers are from good old Primark! I think they were like £10? I'm not sure, but I've been wearing them for months! I love how stretchy they are and the pleats make them so nice and wavyyyyy.

Polka dot top @topshop, trousers @Primark

Have you got a thing for polka dot too? I think it'll be with me for quite a while now, I'm fixed! I know animal prints have started to come back now *UNPOPULAR OPINION* I reallllyyyy hate them. Sorry not sorry, it's just not for me. I'm just gonna stay in the polka dot phase for a while!

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