Entertaining The Transitional Weather


It's that time of year again my friends! Where you wake up and it's freezing cold and you think it's definitely gonna be a jumper kinda day, then it strikes lunch time and the sun comes out and you're slowly melting into the floor! What the heck do you wear?! I have never been able to hack it and just sends me into a pit of wtaf?! I just seem to completely lose all confidence in pairing clothes and usually stand at my wardrobe changing about 50 thousand (yes that's 50 thousand) times before I lose the will to live and go back to the original outfit I wore in the first place! My family can definitely be a witness to this, we all do it!

But this year has kinda been my year for trying things out in terms of fashion. I've dabbled quite a bit, buying that yellow af  puffy coat, adding some colour into my wardrobe... I think I'm gonna entertain it and see if I can get it right! I mean can anyone actually get it right? 


I think jumpsuits are going to be my saviours this year for transitional dressing! I only just realised that ofc you can wear things over the top of them (duh?) as well as underneath if you wanted, so these are ideal for this in-between weather!

 I'm v monochrome in these pics which I'm really digging , obviously sporting my trusty jumpsuit from Select and an old (but gold) Primark jumper which will certainly be helping me see in the colder weather!

What are your tips for this awks time of year?! Have you got any favourites you'll be living in?


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