3 Small Steps I’m Taking To Stop Getting So Stressed Out Over Instagram

There’s been a wave of negativity over the past couple of weeks about Instagram. I say weeks but I think I’ve heard people talking about how much they hate Instagram for months now. People are getting stressed out and blaming the god awful algorithm for why their audience aren’t engaging with their posts. And for a very short while I felt the same way, but I’ve recently taken a step back from Instagram and have re-evaluated.

Yeah Instagram can be a bum, but you can’t let it rule your life.

I post early in the morning most if not every day before work and leave it till my break till I respond to comments etc.

This way I’m restricted and can’t actually get stuck on the app for an hour scrolling aimlessly and stressing about hitting 100 likes in an hour. I seriously would put so much pressure on myself in the evenings to get home from work and write a half decent caption, when all i wanted to do was EAT and SLEEP. This is when I was stressing out over Instagram. This is when I was getting obsessive over the numbers.

Posting in the mornings before work has lifted a pressure I didn’t realise I had!

I decided instead to plan my posts the evening before I go to sleep or sometimes in my notes with the hashtags already attached a few days in advance, making things so much more carefree. I don’t know if this is something that you would want to give a try and see if it would help you, because being a bit more organised and having posts ready a couple days in advance totally destressed me!

I shoot outfits in bulk.

Every other week or so me and Guy set a day – or two if I’m feeling it – in the week and shoot around 4/5 outfits to keep my content coming. This has sort of become a routine since January because I decided that I wanted to dedicate most of my time this year on fashion and Instagram. Beforehand I didn’t have the content or the time to get photos and so that got really stressful.

If I was running out of content and I had a day off during the week and it decided to rain was HELL, I don’t have a camera myself so getting crappy iPhone pics and attempting to edit them in Lightroom was just NOT happening. An app like Instagram didn’t need to make my life so stressful. At the end of the day, I wasn’t actually earning any money from it so what was the point in me getting so stressed out about posting content?

I’m trying to cut down on screen time

Emphasis on TRYING.

On iPhone it calculates your screen time and tells you how much time you spend on apps a week. I know this isn’t news to people now but seriosuly looking at it just hits home how much time I actually spend scrolling through my phone. One week I actually spent 14 HOURS on Instagram. FOURTEEN. HOURS. THATS OVER HALF A DAY. I do not need to be spending that much time on Instagram, it’s actually mad.

In that time I could be getting on with SO MANY other things. I could be writing blog posts for my blog, cleaning my absolute hole of a room, organising my life, seeing human beings and interacting with them.

I know it’s so easy to say that I will cut down screen time, but seeng how much time you actually spend on an app is scary, and just makes you think maybe a few times before you sit down after work and scroll on your phone for an hour or two. I know I’m SO guilty of doing this!

It’s definitely a bad habit I need to get out of. but small steps, eh?


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