5 Money Saving Tips From An Apprentice

I’m pretty sure I’ve harped on AND ON about how I’m apprentice to everyone and their dog. To be honest it has been a FAB excuse for me in cases this year – “I can’t go out out sorry I have no money, I’m an apprentice!” has been used more times than I can bare to think. Being on an apprentice wage was H-A-R-D. Seriously. If I hadn’t saved a little bit before diving into £3.90 (YES £3.90) an HOUR me, my little self and I would have been in deeeeeep doodoo. I dread to think what would have happened when my insurance was due on my car!

But if this year has taught me anything, it’s really made me realise that I must have been spending some MAJOR coin before hand. And what on you might ask? Clothes, food… And I have no idea what else! So going back to being paid a normal bloody wage has made me want to stop and have a think before I throw my money away again like I was before. I feel like I’ve definitely learnt a lot over this past year, so I thought I’d share with you 5 money saving tips I’ve found were really handy whilst being an apprentice.

Full length photo of Abisblog talking about 5 Money Saving Tips that helped her through her apprenticeship. Wearing green of the shoulder blouse and white jeans
Close up of Abisblog looking away from the camera, wearing green and white ditsy floral blouse from Pull & Bear and white jeans


Oh Depop how you have helped me massively. I’ve actually written a big ol blog post about how much I love Depop. But seriously it has been my life saver. There are some fab fashion blogger accounts on Depop who I buy quite a few things off of, which helped me out SO much this year. I couldn’t buy new items every week from Newlook or Topshop, but yet I wanted/needed new content for Instagram. Depop has just been fab to buy cute outfits from at the fraction of the price!


This whole fashion blogging thing has taken it’s toll on my mental and bank state. I feel like I’m low-key becoming the shopaholic – another blog post idea? – I’m reading in my book. But resisting the urge to not throw my £100 away on clothes EVERY damn week was SOO difficult. And it didn’t have to be. I would be shouting at myself that I DIDN’T NEED that top, or that dress, or that mIdI sKiRt…

I feel like a really good idea would be to have a clear out before you buy any clothes. See any you didn’t realise you had? New clothes! Don’t like half your wardrobe? DEPOP IT BABY! Sell all your old crap or donate it before you buy new clothes.

Full length photo of Abisblog. Wearing green of the shoulder blouse, white jeans and bamboo bag
Close up of Abisblog looking away from the camera, wearing green and white ditsy floral blouse from Pull & Bear and white jeans

Have good mates

I feel like this is quite a general heading. I feel like having friends that actually UNDERSTAND that you’re broke and can’t go to everything and DO everything no matter how bad you might want to was really nice. I didn’t feel pressure to go out all the time and we would go and do things that didn’t cost loads of money or just chill at one of our houses.

I feel like if your mates are pressuring you to go out when they know that you literally have like 37p in your account – they aren’t true friends.

AnD tHaTs ThE tEa SiS!

Have a savings account

I know it probably sounds like common sense. But having your savings in a separate account so when you get paid you can instantly take that money out and have it saved in another account makes it so much easier to save. It’s not in your main account so it’s not to be spent. Also it gives me a bit of motivation visually to save when I see the numbers going up and up in my savings account.

Full length photo of Abisblog talking about 5 Money Saving Tips that helped her through her apprenticeship

You live to what you earn

This is SO true. You really do live to what you earn. I’m a classic example of it. But are there bills you don’t need coming out? Are there things you really don’t need to be paying for? Do you really need that dress? Do you really need to go out out again? Do you really need to go to Pizza Express for the 5th time this month? I didn’t actually go to Pizza Express 5 times – just to clarify!

So there is 5 money saving tips that helped me through my apprenticeship! Have you got any money saving tips? Did any of these help you?


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    Thanks for these tips, Abi!

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