5 Staple Pieces In My Wardrobe This Autumn


We are well and truly IN autumn now. And since all my previous blog posts about what to wear for a particular season has always done well, it would be WRONG not to include the colder seasons.

Not going to lie to you a month or so ago I was having a MARE about what to wear for autumn. It was getting colder and anything I ordered just DIDN’T suit me! Or maybe it did but I wasn’t feeling it in the SLIGHTEST.

I’ve finally managed to find some staples that I’m going to be wearing throughout the colder months and if I can help one or two of you get out the rut I was in a few weeks then FAB – because after wearing the same jumper 5 times I tend to get a bit bored of my wardrobe and descend into an absolute melt and constantly stress about what to wear. LOVE THAT FOR ME.

I feel like the first logical thing to start with is coats? Coats become such a staple for autumn and winter because you obviously don’t want to go out and freeze your nuts off. In the UK though it’s not completely cold yet, you still have afternoons where you can get away with a light jacket – if it’s not pouring with rain.


THAT H&M coat – has become my bestie. It creates an outfit for itself. If I think about wearing it I instantly want to wear black and/or white with it. It’s the perfect in-between jacket and it’s the only coat that’s patterned that I feel like suits my hair. I have quite light hair, but it’s also dark so I find quite a few dark brown or nudey sort of colours just don’t go with me. I feel like I could rock a nude tbf if I didn’t have the lighter bits in my hair… But we aren’t changing hair colour to wear particular colours!

The black aviator – OB-SESSED. The particular one I’m wearing is from Topshop and I’m in love. It’s so so warm and I can wear it with a jumper without feeling like the Michelin Man.

Houndstooth Houndstooth HOUNDSTOOTH.

I feel like I struck gold when I found this utter BEAUTY in the Newlook Boxing Day sales last year for £20. I have clung on to it for dear life and will continue to do so till the end of time. It’s an absolute BANGER of a coat, and I feel like an utter girl boss when I wear it. It’s got a slight bit of structure on the shoulders which is probably what makes me feel so fancy in it tbh.

Houndstooth isn’t going anywhere anytime soon for autumn. I feel like it’s a timeless piece that you can wear year upon year.

A cheeky bit of faux leather.

My goodness am I loving everything faux leather.

I bought a pair of faux leather trousers from Primark really recently and I’ve absolutely fallen in love! I have had my eye on a pair for CENTURIES, so I was so excited to finally get myself a pair that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg! They are actually from the new Primark X Stacey Soloman collection which is just as sick as last years! For £15 I really couldn’t complain, they have a small paper bag waist and have SO much room!

I also have a faux leather skirt from F&F which is actually the comfiest skirt in all the land. I can never usually find the right skirt because a lot tend to rise up as I walk so I have to pull it down every 5 seconds. But this one seems ok! I don’t know whether it’s some magical material inside but it’s fabulous.

The black boot

I feel like it isn’t an autumn wardrobe without a pair of these babies. I recently bought a pair from Newlook which have become my ride or dies. For £20/£25 they are perfect to shove on this time of year!

Mini bags

Hands down the most unpractical bag – or item – I have EVER bought, but I bloody love them. I love them so much I wrote a blog post all about them. But a mini bag to me is so much fun. I love swinging a little bag around that only fits my keys and cards in.


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