5 Things I Learnt Whilst Working In Retail

I’ve been working in retail since I was 16. ERHHHH. Now I work with dogs and it’s the best thing ever. A dog can’t complain or talk to you like shite, honestly it’s the best decision I ever made. But whilst working in retail I learnt a few things which I feel like you would also relate to if you work in retail!

Some customers are rude af for no reason, Some customers are rude af for a reason

I feel like sometimes when I came into work (particularly on a weekend?!) there were always a few customers who would come in just to get on everyone’s tits and make them feel crap. In the end I thought to myself hey, they obviously have nothing better to do so why not be nice and kill them (not literally although we all know we’d love to sometimes) with kindness because honestly it isn’t worth getting in a shit mood about.

It’s ok to say no

I’m a massive yes girl. I physically can’t say no and feel bad because I don’t want to disappoint people. So I did end up doing a crazy amount of shifts just to please my manager because nobody else wanted to do them, and colleagues would say to me “just think about the money at the end of the month”. I think that’s when I started getting a bit miffed about where I worked and the amount of hours I was doing. I needed to learn to say no sometimes and I feel like now I think I can?

Communicating with the public

I feel so SOOO much more confident after working in retail. I feel like retail really makes you and should be a mandatory thing for 16 year olds, it got me out of my comfort zone talking to random members of the public and it really helped me break out of my awkward teen stage! Ok I was absolutely bricking it when I was doing it but I should really thank my managers for making me go around the store saying hello and asking customers if they needed a hand because eventually I suppose it broke me out of my shell and helped mould me to become the person I am today. Ew that’s cringe.

Time and money management blah blah blahhh

Managing my time in retail is something that helped me become a bit more organised both in and outside work, but money management ehhhh.

I earned quite a bit every month in retail and ngl, I didn’t save as much as I could have. Now I’m earning under half of what I used to ( Apprenticeship first year is £3.70 an hour LOLLLLL at me) but I’m still living as much as I used to (???). Like heck am I saving, but somehow I’m still doing everything I think that I used to. My nan and mum always say “you live to what you earn” and I feel like it’ is SOOOO true! Hopefully when I go up to a normal wage later in the year I’ll be so overwhelmed by the amount of money I’m getting that I can save loads, but I’m living pretty happily now so all is good right?

How to get ready in 5 minutes

Ok so this was one time. I had to be at work by 5 AM and my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up at 1/4 to 5. I normally LEAVE at 1/4 to 5. So I shot up chucked on some clothes, partially brushed my mane, chucked make up wipes in my pocket because my face was a hot mess and threw my toothbrush around my teeth for a couple of seconds and I was OUT THE DOOR. Admittedly I was pretty smug but also shitting myself because I had NEVER been late before. I somehow made it on time too so YAY me! At least I know that if I’m in a craaaaazy rush, I can sometimes be on the ball.

Do you work in retail or have you in the past? If so, what have you learnt from working in it? Also if you’ve got some funny stories or things to add drop them in the comments or drop us a message!


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