5 Tips To Clothes Shopping Online For The Average User

If you saw my post on why I hate clothes shopping IRL, you’ll know why I LOVE clothes shopping ONLINE. It’s accessible. I can order obscene amounts of clothes from ASOS in the comfort of my pj’s at 11pm at night and get it delivered the next day. I can browse every clothing app from the comfort of my bed. But shopaholic Abi over here has 5 tips for clothes shopping online – and no it’s not just to sort the price low – high, that OBVIously goes without saying – right?

Abisblog kicking her foot up in the air in some stripey culottes from Primark, talking about 5 tips you need for clothes shopping online
Abisblog flicking her hair and looking at the camera

Ebay could do it cheaper – Shop around!

Yup. Ebay. If you aren’t a brand snob and just want to buy something that is “in” but without the price tag attached there are so many products on Ebay you can buy!


I love getting inspiration for styling pieces from Pinterest a lot of the time, and tend to go over there before I go online shopping! Do you use Pinterest very much for getting fashion inspo? If so I have soooo many boards for different outfit ideas. Summer outfit inspo? Sorted. Winter outfit inspo? Sorted. Swimwear? SORTED. Feel free to go check my Pinterest profile if you ever need that spark!

Depop Depop Depop

I actually spoke about the importance of Depop and why you deffo need to check it out or give it another go in a blog post which I’ve linked if you wanted to check that out!

Abisblog holding the end of her hair, tilting her head at the camera
Abisblog sticking her tongue out at the camera holding her hair and tilting her head, discussing things you need to know before shopping online!

Vouchers Vouchers Vouchers

Ya gal here is a voucher nutter. If i’m buying something I’m always on the hunt for a voucher code and more recently I’ve just tweeted asking for student discount codes – NO SHAME i tell you, NO. SHAME. Everyone wants a bargain, so why not ask around or look on websites like Voucher Codes , Voucher Cloud are websites I tend to go to when looking for a voucher code.

Buy now and pay later with Klarna

I don’t know if this is actually going to be a useful one of my tips for clothes shopping online, or if it is just going to get you into trouble. Like, I feel like Klarna has made my shopping addiction worse because it’s made it accessible for me to buy MORE clothes, even when I’m an apprentice.

I tend to use Klarna on most of my orders where possible now so I’m not waiting for my own money to come back from companies and back to my bank account, because some times it can take a while to come back to your account, I don’t know about you but I don’t have an endless stream of coin to be tossing around! With Klarna you have a whole month to pay back your orders, sometimes three if you set the option, so you have SO much time to pay them back.



  1. 06/07/2019 / 19:50

    I could agree with you more … well written yassss

  2. justthegameoflife
    07/07/2019 / 00:55

    I love looking at pintrest for different styles. I’ve also been getting more into ebay lately too. They can have great deals sometime.

    • abinunn
      22/07/2019 / 19:53

      It’s a fab place! I could spend hours pinning!

    • abinunn
      09/08/2019 / 22:34

      I can’t shop anywhere without trying to scout a discount code out for like 20 minutes!

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