AD | Leaping Into Spring With Handy Flowers

AD – These flowers were ever so kindly gifted to me by Handy Flowers in exchange for this blog post.

I feel like I’ve blinked and now it’s suddenly spring?! Everywhere I see is full of beautiful daffodils, tulips (and hot cross buns) and I’m allll about them! Daffodils for £1? YES PLEASE. I’ll take 12!

I absolutely LOVE the flowers this time of year. Everything is just colourful in the world again. The bright yellows and pinks just make me feel so much happier inside. Do you get the same? I mean don’t get me wrong I’m certainly not a flower enthusiast, I don’t know which flowers are for what time of year etc. But I can certainly appreciate a bloody gorgeous bunch of flowers!

So when Handy Flowers approached me about featuring them in my blog I was sooo so excited because it was the perfect opportunity to see me (and my blog) properly into spring!

Abisblog looking at Natural Poetry bunch of flowers from Handy Flowers. The perfect bunch for spring!
Abisblog looking at Natural Poetry bunch of flowers from Handy Flowers.

It was so hard to pick which bunch I wanted because they were all so lovely! With a lot of help from my mum I decided on Natural Poetry which I think just SCREAMS spring!? The pops of pink, purple and oranges are so so beautiful! Not going to lie my mum picked them for me because she would appreciate them so much more than me as they would be sat in my room not really being seen by anyone, now they are sat on the fireplace and I have one very happy mum. She’s a sucker for a gerbera or two too!

Close up of Natural Poetry from Handy Flowers.
Close up of Natural Poetry

If you fancy buying any of the beautiful bunches from Handy Flowers I also have a discount code which you can use until the end of this year! So knock yourselves out with alllll the flowers guys and gals! Make sure to show me what bunch you opt for if you decide to purchase!

Enter “ABI10” at the checkout for 10% off your purchase!

Abisblog holding flowers and laughing at the camera
Close up of flowers

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