Add A Bit Of Colour To Ya Life!

Woop Woop! I have actually bucked up the courage to put some photos of myself on this post! (I didn’t really have much choice here though, as it would have been extremely difficult for me to show you how good the coat looked without me wearing it and taking some snaps of me in it!) Now I have done it once, I reckon I could do it again! Maybe not in any busy places people might see me though… For now!

I must say I am very lucky to have a bf who is experienced in photography and has a camera of his own to help me out with this post! (Hence the better quality photos in this post!) He helped me find a decent setting for this lil shoot, and eventually after a little while I calmed down a bit because I was feeling reeeally awkward and nervous about the whole thing initially! Anyway, back to the reason I’m writing this… THE COAT!

Recently I conducted a major “operation clear out wardrobe”, which ended in a MAAAAHOOSIVE pile of clothes on my bed to get rid of. Whilst doing so, I couldn’t help but notice I had A LOT of greys and dark coloured shades in my wardrobe. I have grown quite accustom to my dark jumpers and jeans that it wasn’t until I cleared out my wardrobe I realised something. I really needed to invest in some COLOUR. 

Fast forward to the other weekend when I went shopping with my mum and sister, I was wandering around Newlook browsing the endless rails of clothes and BAM… I found this coat on one of the sale rails. It by Cameo Rose and was £17 which I thought was an absolute bargain, seeing as I’m pretty much going to be living in this till the warmer weather kicks in!

Now this is actually quite funny, because I wasn’t sure on it AT ALL when I first looked at it. I just thought damn that’s some colour! I instantly said to mum and Meg “OMG shall I try this on for a laugh?”. Knowing full well I wouldn’t buy it because it would be completely the “wrong” colour for me, WAYYY too bright and WAYYY to unflattering for me. I tried it on and after they told me they actually like it I dashed over to the mirror to look for myself. GOD DAMN. I instantly fell in love with it. Its exactly the kind of bright and “in ya face” colour my wardrobe was calling out for!

I have absolutely LOVED wearing this coat at the moment, I’m obsessed! The colour is just so ‘out there’ and bold for me which is probably one of the main reasons why I got it!

Good bye boring ol black coats… HELLO COLOUR.


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