Afternoon Tea At Patisserie Valerie

Happy Belated Mothers Day, for any mums out there! Let me know what you got up to!  For Mothers Day this year, me and my sister came together, did a little brainstorm and decided to buy an afternoon tea for Patisserie Valerie via BuyAGift (gotta get them deals y’know!) as something cute for us ladiesss to do together! Annoyingly, I was working that Sunday so I couldn’t spend the entire day with her like I would have loved to, but other mums need to enjoy the day too, especially as they have younger children! So we just moved it back a day and spent some time together Saturday instead! 

We popped into Patisserie Valerie at about 3 o’clock and it was still pretty busy, although we didn’t have to wait long at all to be seated, we were the only ones in the queue! 

The afternoon tea had three layers of absolute blissssss! The first layer was savoury, if you are starting from the bottom that is! Some of my top favourites was the mini vegetable quiche, WHICH WAS STILL WARM *drools*, and then very quickly followed by this gorgeous chicken sandwich with pesto and sunblazed tomatoes. OMG. Usually I’m not a fan of tomatoes but you couldn’t even taste them amongst the chicken and pesto. I tell you I could have eaten about 6 more of those! 

Following the savoury level, the middle layer was scones! WHICH WERE ALSO STILL WARM! We all bloody loved them! This is the part where I started to slow down after my second scone, those soft sandwiches look tiny af but I actually started to get full???? Very thankful we only had one more layer to go! 

The top/final layer was alllllll sweet and light and fluffy and alllll sorts of GET IN MY BELLY RN! 

Have any of you been to Patisserie Valerie? What was your experience there? DID YOU HAVE THE AFTERNOON TEA?


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