An Afternoon in Ely

Where I live there are many little places surrounding me which I’d love to explore if I ever had the time to. Last Wednesday afternoon we planned a little trip and drove along to Ely. I had heard of the destination but hadn’t ever been before so I was quite impressed with what we saw! It was just the PERFECT day to walk around and check out the beautiful city and test the local tea room located near the river, called Peacocks Tearoom.


The only downside to Ely was the parking. It was pretty difficult there as they don’t actually charge at all in the car parks…Therefore EVERYONE had already parked by the time we had got there.

After finding a space we wandered down to the river and came across the ‘Peacocks Tearoom and B&B’. It seemed REALLY busy from the outside but they managed to find us a table for the 10 of us! Walking through to the front room, it seemed so big… yet lovely and cosy! The staff were so friendly and attentive. Below are some photos of the room we sat in…

It was a beautiful vintage tearoom. I loved the odd teapots and mugs dotted around the room, and adored the tea cup and saucer lamp!

Once we had finished admiring the décor, we all read through what seemed to be an endless stream of teas and coffees. I was a bit overwhelmed by the variety of tea they offered… So went for a strawberry milkshake instead. Most of us went for the ‘Devon Cream Tea’ which included two warm scones with jam and cream,  or the ‘Chocolate Dream Cream Tea’, consisting of two chocolate scones and a gooey mouth watering chocolate brownie.

I was absolutely stuffed after! Couldn’t have another bite! Later we took a walk along the river and explored a bit more of the city, of course taking time to walk around the HUUUUUGE cathedral!

It didn’t take long to get home, we all had a fab time and I was so glad the weather was on our side and remained sunny! I was absolutely POOPED after our day out! Definitely ready to chill out for the evening! I loved seeing what the little city had to offer, and definitely want to explore more areas around me that I haven’t thought about, and try out little cafe’s. If you have any recommendations of places I should try please let me know!



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